Live Caricatures for your events

You will see caricatures attached to it’s reference live, a kind you will get when hire us for your event.

This week for us was hectic, at same time, was interesting .

We created these caricatures, as we attached the original reference image to it for you to see the likeness and quality in our style.

This is a sample of what you will get when we create a live digital caricatures for you, your guests or prospects, offering spot-on caricature service live at your event.

Yes, hire us, the best fastest digital caricaturist in the world Owolabi, to come entertain your guests, prospects at your next event either in person or virtually. 


Laffmattazz 2021

On the 4th of April, we were hired to come grace an event that took place in Ibadan, a show that is hosted by the CFR, GCON Gbenga Adeyinka.

It was the events 10 years anniversary, and we were called upon to entertain and help create a lasting souvenir at the event.

We offered our service putting forward our best foot,  star celebrity professional spot on caricaturist Owolabi.

The event took place at a popular event location in Ibadan, Oyo-State,  Jogor Centre, as the event was flooded with a lot of celebrities and attenders.

We won’t forget to let you know the event was a mix of everything entertainment.  from drama to music, dance, comedy art, and more.

We were on the ground, courtesy MALTINA brand, we creates spot on caricatures of attenders, as we made sure they were entertained and amuse with every of our piece.

Here are few pictures taken.

Digital spot on caricature at laffmattazz
Live digital spot on caricature at laffmattazz

Our recently created caricatures

Below are our recently created caricature artworks,  enjoy.

Reno Omokiri’s Caricature
Morris Monye’s Caricature

Our latest

With this look we were able to create a caricature theme that matched it.

Reference pic
The caricature


What do you think?

it was an awesome zoom event

Yes,  we got this invite by a caricaturist on instagram with the handle @bigalart to join a caricature barbeque party,  where we will get to draw other spot-on caricaturist in diaspora via the zoom application.

So it was 10pm PST which we believe we won’t be able to make due to the time zone in Nigeria but surprisingly we were still able to make it to the event in the morning 6am lagos, nigerian time.

It was fun,  here are virtual caricatures of Owolabi made by the caricaturists in diaspora via zoom virtual event.

Owolabi’s Caricature
Owolabi’s caricature
Owolabi caricature

Owolabi too created caricatures of caricaturists at the zoom event,  even though he was on it directly has he got off his bed.

Here are the caricatures he created

The host / Caricature made on zoom event
Zoom event caricature
Katie’s caricature
Zoom event caricature
Virtual spot-on caricature
The host of the event

Hope you enjoyed what you’ve seen..  When it’s your zoom event?  You need to have your attenders drawn over virtual, it will be fun and rewarding. Thanks for viewing our post.

The Zoom Event We Attended Yesterday

We think we should show you what we were able to create during the zoom event we attended.

Again we put our best foot forward, we had Owolabi attend the event while he did live drawing of them international guests all the way from Germany.

They all had fun and we are still getting thank you in our inbox as we type here.

Below are few images he was able to make within the time frame of 6 minutes each.

Do you have a Zoom or Googlemeet Event coming up? You might want your attenders to go home, flip on their social media platforms their cartoon portrait or caricature artworks with your logo! on each piece. Sure fire way to market right? Make your enquiry here

Planning Your Remote Or Virtual Event

With covid -19 almost in every country on earth, governments around the world has engage in locking down shops, offices are shut and people are asked to stay at home to curb and reduce the spread of the virus, although some countries are already easing the lock down ,people and corporate organizations are already trying to work but not operating fully due to curfews and restrictions here and there.

During the lock down, some people, corporate organizations were still able to continue their life style.

Some brands launched new products with a celebrity virtual live concerts, some celebrities took to instagram live to connect with their fans, some couples got married and did wedding ceremony virtually where all the members of the family joined and celebrated with them.

Virtual really got the world going when corona virus was about to keep it still.

Remote Birthday celebration virtually during lock down
virtual celebration
Virtual Meeting

Although some of the things that were not present during this whole ceremony and virtual events were souvenir.

What Souvenirs Do For Events.

Souvenirs at events keeps the memory of the attenders of events fresh after the event.

But could their be a virtual souvenir, entertainment, morale booster at your remote or virtual events?

Yes! There is a souvenir that could be given to your remote or virtual event attenders.

Online or virtual event has tendency to reach vast audience, inter-continent, because it can get to your online audience anywhere. Don’t you think it will be great if you surprise or give souvenir virtually too?

We have a service that could answer all the surprise, and can be available as a souvenir for your attenders or your friends and family virtually, the service is called spot-on digital caricature, it is simply drawing who ever you want us to draw for you virtually .

Imagine the face of your employees , attenders of virtual or remote events being drawn in a goofy way with your companys branding on each one, that will make a great souvenir right?

Wao! We are sure they will live to tell the story for ever.

To learn more about our virtual souvenir for virtual or remote events click here .

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