The End Of Caricature Resolution 2020

We are happy to be part of this year’s caricature theme creator, yes! Firstly, we didn’t know that there is a theme for African Caricaturist which we would have love to participate in as an African caricature studio, we got to know a bit late.

We started with the one for Americans and on that note we ended with the one with Americans .

Here is our Lizzy Minneli’s caricature

Lizza Minelli

Lizza Minelli is number 28 on the list of people Caricaturist around work to get drawn with our style so, that was a piece of ours.

This kind of painting is what we categorized as our 2d quality painting.

We satire a few about her face feature, as we will want her to look happy and muse enough to trigger an ease hormones in the brain of the viewer.

You want to learn more about who Lizza mineli is click here .

what do you think about the resemblance? Do you like the painting style we used?

look out for the next post as we are sure you won’t want to miss this one.

she’s a popular American muscician and a recent Grammy Award winner, look out for the next post

Emmanuel Jal’s caricature

Sudanese are gonna like this, so is the Canadian people because he’s got it all to do with these two nationals and continents, it’s the one and only Sudanese, Canadian actor Emmanuel Jal, what you think of his caricature we uploaded below, what do you think of its likeness, just in case you wondering, that will be out 2d caricature quality and now caricature resolution Africa 2020 content, we will tell you more I’m our next post, watch out..

Thanks for reading.

Emmanuel jal caricature
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