Revealing the Magic of Caricature Art: More Than Just a Portrait

Women holding drawn caricature

When it comes to art, many of us envision classical portraits capturing the essence of the subject with precision and realism. However, enter the whimsical world of caricature art, and you’re in for a delightful surprise. Unlike conventional portraits, caricatures embrace exaggeration and playfulness, turning a simple likeness into a lively, exaggerated depiction that transcends the ordinary.

Expect the Unexpected: Beyond the Norm Portrait

As you settle into that caricature artist’s chair, prepare to have your perceptions challenged. Caricatures are not meant to be photographic replicas; they are a unique interpretation of the subject’s features, infused with humor and creativity. The elongated noses, oversized eyes, and exaggerated expressions may initially seem unconventional, but therein lies the charm. Embrace the unexpected, and you’ll discover a refreshing take on capturing personality.

Falling in Love with Caricature: Endless Possibilities

What sets caricature art apart is its boundless potential for creativity. Artists wield their pens like magic wands, transforming ordinary features into a visual spectacle. The process invites a sense of wonder and opens up endless possibilities for self-expression. It’s not just about replicating a face; it’s about distilling character traits, quirks, and individuality onto the canvas, creating a piece that resonates with both the subject and the observer.

Entertainment Unleashed: A Story in Every Stroke

Caricature art is more than a static image; it’s a form of entertainment in itself. Picture this: the artist deftly capturing your essence with every stroke, turning the act of being drawn into a captivating performance. The exaggerated features tell a story, injecting life and humor into the artwork. It’s an interactive experience that goes beyond the visual – it’s about the energy, the laughter, and the shared moment between artist and subject.

A Caricature: A Storytelling Medium

The allure of caricature lies not just in its ability to capture physical features but in its aptitude for storytelling. Every line, every curve, speaks volumes about the person being depicted. From showcasing a hobby to highlighting a unique facial expression, caricatures convey narratives that extend far beyond the surface. So, the next time you sit down for a caricature, expect not just a drawing but a visual story that reflects the essence of who you are.

In conclusion, caricature art is a celebration of individuality, a departure from the mundane, and an invitation to embrace the unexpected. It’s a medium that thrives on creativity, entertainment, and the power to tell stories in a way that traditional portraits simply cannot. So, let the next caricature session be more than just a sitting; let it be an experience that adds a splash of humor, a dash of creativity, and a touch of storytelling to your day.



Former Barcelona Player Retired from Football

This above artwork contained 2 Barcelona players, owolabi is a big fan of one, so when Pedro Rodriguez posted an image of himself and Javier Mascherano, Owolabi quickly got to work and wanted our fans to know his favorite player is celebrating another player they’d played together he’s hanging his boot.. @_pedro17_ wrote in Spanish on IG and we quoted ” thanks for playing football ” thanking mascherano.

The 36-year-old had been playing for Estudiantes in his native Argentina.

He won the Champions League twice and La Liga five times during a successful eight-year period at Barcelona.


Our latest

With this look we were able to create a caricature theme that matched it.

Reference pic
The caricature


What do you think?

50cent and Pop Smoke Caricature


We are sure the first thing that will come to your mind is why did we decide to draw and paint these two entertainers together,  well recelty 50cent has been flooding his instagram account with Pop Smokes images so it got our attention and we decided to wanted to know why.

Pop Smoke who was shot and killed at a Los Angeles residence earlier this year. Weeks before his death, the rapper released Meet the Woo 2, which debuted in the top 10 of the Billboard 200.

50 cent whom is a friend “50 was like, ‘You can’t be depressed and stop the legacy that he was building.

In early March, 50 Cent announced plans to executive produce and finish Smoke’s album. During the Rap Life episode, Victor recalled how 50 pushed him to release the project.

50 Cent also touched on the Brooklyn music scene in the wake of Pop Smoke’s murder.

The posthumous album was released July 3,  2020.

Here is 50 cent pic we used to create the artwork.

We decided to create 50 cent puffing smoke out which turned to Pop smoke,  we had little issue creating the 50 cents image because Almost all the elements of the head were imagined and no real picture to follow to really  tell a story.

We tried to tell a story of “50 being the executive producer of the album.

Here is Pop Smoke picture used


Watch how the video of how we drew and paint the artwork here .

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Dad and Son Painted Portrait.

Dad and Son portrait painting

Yesterday Owolabi submitted to our catalog this artwork above. He said it was oil painting capacity, digitally.

We believe as the season to celebrate love comes, it’s safe to say, we need to express love within and out of the family.

Painted portrait in home sample

This is a dad and son portrait painted, a definatley love express means by the dad.

It’s Valentine!

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