Nigerian Doctors On Strike Again

Nigerian Doctors on strike again.

This our illustration showcase a lackadasical attitude of a doctor, that’s suppose to attend to it’s patient but instead listening to music, dancing the tending dance style called Focus.

The cartoon chart conversations explains it all.

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Caricature we created on 15 of July 2021

We are sure by the time you compare our artwork, side by side with the original image, you were like Yassss!

One thing we try to do when we create caricatures is not to make it boring.

The elements we added in this artwork that is not originally in the image is the teeth and the hand posture.

One thing we want to be sure of when delivering our live or spot on caricature is happiness both from the viewers and from the subject, we like to keep the atmosphere happy.

Live digital caricature

We are certain you can feel the vibe, write us if you have an upcoming event, so we can come entertain and help you deliver awesome souvenir, a live digital caricatures for your guests and prospects.

Caricature we created today 14 of July

Yes! owolabi woke up today feeling energized although he took a break off yesterday without creating artwork, today he created an image of several beautiful ladies, but for now, we want to add this one here for you to view, also you can check out our process on our YouTube channel here.

When owolabi was asked about how he exxeggerated the subject, his response was that he created her how he was feeling, which means it has to do with the temperament he was feeling right then.


We hope you guys enjoys the feel of the exxerggeration, as owolabi just expressed himself.

Thanks for viewing, we will, these days, do day to day upload of our works, why they are drawn, and also add links for you to view our process, we hope you keep enjoying us as we express our moments with art.

Caricature Resolution 2021

Caricature resolution is drawing of subjects that get put out by (ISCA) international society of caricature artists, this year has not been different.

The ISCA on their Instagram social handle put out names of celebrities that should be drawn by caricature artists around the world and of course, I do art studios, our studio participated and it was fun.

We got to draw the names listed of the celebrities as it follows,  day in day out.

It was a real discipline exercise for Owolabi, our star boy! Yes, being a member of ISCA he’s ought to participate and of course, he participated.

The name of the celebrities follows on the roster as their birthday days are, a real good thing you will say!

And of course, it was fun. Here is our pic layout of the whole 31 caricatures created day in day out through this 2021 January.

Caricature resolution 2021

How To Stand Out As A Business / Store Online!

Going online simply means shocasing your products or service  digitally for people across the globe online.

Means to do these are, by blog,  website,  or social media platforms.

Presently it’s  estimated that we have about 3.010 billion internet users, which means as a business or service provider you won’t want to miss the opportunity of selling to this onliners.

How you make money is by getting the right attention for conversion.  .

In a nutshell, the reason why you have a blog,  website,  or social media platforms is to get attention of onliners for your conversion.

With lot of contents online,  getting attention of people becomes harder everyday because there are tons of contents to be consumed by onliners, which  are lots of distraction if you don’t have good content to get their attention.

Most people that go online wants to be entertained, even it’s an education contents they will still like to be entertained while the get the message, this simply means the more you are able to mix entertainment with your content the better for you.

Types of contens

Video and Audio and Image contents.

Videos :  For you to get attention for posting videos,  your video must standout and must be consistent,  about  it.

To get a good result, you might think in the rhem of posting your personalized  animation video or  might need to be making a short movie about your product or service. Of course, to stand out,  you will have to get best equipments and manpower from exclusive writer, to actors ,custom made kind of editing, to mention a few.

You must be consistent about this to get the conversion that you want.

Audios :  Audios that you will use as content can be inform of podcasts, there are tons of podcasts already, for a great conversion for you,  as you are dealing with audios,  you might need great sound engineers,  whom will help you create realistic personalized sounds to mix with your audio content, this will definitely make you standout,  if consistent. but when you check the cost which entails time,  equipment and manpower needed you will realize it is almost impossible to keep up and keep it fresh for the right conversion.

Image :  images that you will use as content can be inform of photos or illustrstion cartoons. To stand out using photos will need bunch of people man power like camera man,  writers,  models, locations and equipments,  these set of people will have to be professionals to really help you create content that will strike attention in pool of different contents,  in other words this will cost you a lot to be consistent about the quality and contextual images.

Illustrations first of all,  for the fact that you are using illustration as a content,  already you stood out. Illustration as an image seems to be the best fit to help you stand out,   strike attention and give you conversion.

Illustrations are funny cartoons that will help you deliver your message and give you conversion

why is it the best? 

Entertainment –

For contents to be massively consumed online, it will need a bit of entertainment,  this,  illustration does even without texts.

Consistency- It seems to be the only one you can be consistent about,  because you don’t need load of man power,  just an artist to help you tailor the cartoons always to your onliners.

Branding – An illustrator can help you create a unique style , which will make your illustrations stand out from other illustrations online,  a good example is mail chimps illustration styles.

Consumption – It will be easier for consumption,  because it’s mostly relieving images,  not stressful ones for onliners to see,  read and digest and easier to save.

Trying to stand out online?



Delivery – It is easier for you to get a good delivery, for incase you want changes,  you just need to talk to the artist and they will make a good delivery for you.

Ask us how to help you with illustrations Here


Our recently created caricatures

Below are our recently created caricature artworks,  enjoy.

Reno Omokiri’s Caricature
Morris Monye’s Caricature

Our latest

With this look we were able to create a caricature theme that matched it.

Reference pic
The caricature


What do you think?

Zoom event live caricatures

Zoom event live caricature

We all had nice time @bigalart_ caricature BBQ here is one of the caricatures drawn live at the #zoomevent, below are few images we created.

Zoom event live caricature
Zoom event live caricature

What happened to Erica

Erica the big brother lock down house mate on Sunday 6th of september got disqualified from the popular TV show, she got angry and started expressing herself the night before her disqualification.

Her third strike had to be the reason why we was disqualified,  as she has been warned with some of her behaviours twice previously by big brother which resulted to 2 strikes.

Bigi made it clear that she has crossed the line disrespecting the rules of the show.

A night before she was disqualified,  she went Banting towards another housemate named laycon, she said some ill words to the housemate,  poured some water on the head of house bed, restricting deputy of the house from sleeping on the bed.

The above cartoon representing her (Erica)  been ejected from the house,  although she was not the only housemate that went home that night , Lucy was voted out by the viewers that same night.

Erica got ejected big brother lock down

Erica being disqualified from the show means she will go home without no benefit, which has made her fans opened a Gofundme account for her that raised over 15

thousand dollars within 24 hours.

We at I do art studios wish Erica all the best.

Micheal Jackson

If he were to be alive,  he will be 62 years old  now.

Enjoy the King Of Pop’s caricature.

Micheal Jackson caricature
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