it was an awesome zoom event

Yes,  we got this invite by a caricaturist on instagram with the handle @bigalart to join a caricature barbeque party,  where we will get to draw other spot-on caricaturist in diaspora via the zoom application.

So it was 10pm PST which we believe we won’t be able to make due to the time zone in Nigeria but surprisingly we were still able to make it to the event in the morning 6am lagos, nigerian time.

It was fun,  here are virtual caricatures of Owolabi made by the caricaturists in diaspora via zoom virtual event.

Owolabi’s Caricature
Owolabi’s caricature
Owolabi caricature

Owolabi too created caricatures of caricaturists at the zoom event,  even though he was on it directly has he got off his bed.

Here are the caricatures he created

The host / Caricature made on zoom event
Zoom event caricature
Katie’s caricature
Zoom event caricature
Virtual spot-on caricature
The host of the event

Hope you enjoyed what you’ve seen..  When it’s your zoom event?  You need to have your attenders drawn over virtual, it will be fun and rewarding. Thanks for viewing our post.

it’s Daddys Birthday

It’s daddy’s birthday and everyone is showering daddy with gift, you are like what else remains, the fabulous, the expensive and all has been given.

You don’t need to stress,  we mean, why think too much when you know there is something called caricature.

They say a pic is a thousand words, caricature is a thousand pics. With delightful expression of what you think about the beneficiary there is endless delightment around caricature.

Did you know we could express daddy in his wildest dream, where we express all that could be on his mind or just express his hobby.

Above we have Sir Tony Elumelu as our model, he in this artwork,  we expressed him playing golf, that could just be your dad or anyone around you.

What are you waiting for, write us now to get your quick quote. Stay cheered.

Express your hobby in caricature

Today we want to share what we have been working on in few days ago.  Yes!  It’s a caricature that express a hobby.

What’s your hobby?  A caricature could be the best to help you express that.

Are you cloudy about what to give someone on as gift? Well, a caricature could be the answer you want because it will just tell a story about who they are and things they like to do.

We made use of Femi Otedola picture as our reference.  See below the image we used.

Femi otedola caricature

Sir Femi Otedola is one of Nigerias prominent billionaire and we just chose to make use of him as our reference.

We expressed him fishing, lol.

What do you think about the likeness with its caricature,  an sure you will be able to just give us 5 star.  You can make use of the comment box below.


no memories is too small to be lost.

We posted this artwork on our instagram with a bit of words of advise on making sure we keep memory as we live everyday,  there is no memory too small to be kept.

The painted artwork was created with this reference

This picture is a very old picture and was re-shot with even poor mobile phone camera. It is a pity we can not have this moment again which would have given us good privilege to shoot a clearer and more professional original image.

Did you know this picture was taken over 20 years ago? this is the reason why the caption on instagram was ‘

“It’s been grace. When you are a parent, spend time with your kids, it’s important, and try to always keep record or take pictures of the time because soon enough you’ll get old and you’ll appreciate the mormries you made and kept

The picture was taken at Ibadan Polo club.

The artwork was created with poor resolution image,  but the artist, Owolabi, tried his best,  doing a lot of zooming while painting  to get the details but with all effort he was unable to still see deep enough but tried his best to make the image still come out great.

We hope we have been able to let you see the advantages of keeping memories. no memories is too small to be lost.  

Always take pictures and video recording of your moments,  with your mobile phone  and lot of  cloud storage facility, you should not worry too much about loosing, damages or space on your mobile phone.

Dad and Son Painted Portrait.

Dad and Son portrait painting

Yesterday Owolabi submitted to our catalog this artwork above. He said it was oil painting capacity, digitally.

We believe as the season to celebrate love comes, it’s safe to say, we need to express love within and out of the family.

Painted portrait in home sample

This is a dad and son portrait painted, a definatley love express means by the dad.

It’s Valentine!

The End Of Caricature Resolution 2020

We are happy to be part of this year’s caricature theme creator, yes! Firstly, we didn’t know that there is a theme for African Caricaturist which we would have love to participate in as an African caricature studio, we got to know a bit late.

We started with the one for Americans and on that note we ended with the one with Americans .

Here is our Lizzy Minneli’s caricature

Lizza Minelli

Lizza Minelli is number 28 on the list of people Caricaturist around work to get drawn with our style so, that was a piece of ours.

This kind of painting is what we categorized as our 2d quality painting.

We satire a few about her face feature, as we will want her to look happy and muse enough to trigger an ease hormones in the brain of the viewer.

You want to learn more about who Lizza mineli is click here .

what do you think about the resemblance? Do you like the painting style we used?

look out for the next post as we are sure you won’t want to miss this one.

she’s a popular American muscician and a recent Grammy Award winner, look out for the next post

What Makes A Good Gift

According to a website fee. Org there are 5 characteristics of best gift which are :

  1. Thoughtful,
  2. Unique
  3. Surprising
  4. Useful
  5. Meaningful

It is christmas season and we are sure you will be thinking of giving your friends and family gift, we’ll before you conclude, we will want you to look at the characteristics above before getting them something.

We will suggest a caricature has all these characteristics and even more if you are finding it hard to choose a particular item.

See for example?

Akinwumi Adesina’s Caricature

What is thoughtful, unique, surprising, useful and meaningful about the above image.

The caricature above is illustrated with a man holding a hand trowel building an Africa statue.

  1. Thoughfulness : Is the above image thoughtful, will you say yes or no? It is, thoughtful not because it’s an artwork it’s also because it has tendency of making the viewer laugh which is (caricature) for you to give someone not just an artwork but an artwork that tells a story about the beneficiary and of all makes them laugh.

2. Uniqueness : when you want to give a gift and you’re thinking of a unique gift, one thing you can always be sure of is that a commissioned caricature will always be unique, it won’t be a commodity or thing you can purchase somewhere or anywhere in other words it is only the beneficiary that owns that piece alone in the whole wide world of 7billion people.

3. Surprising: Do you this this is surprising? Definitely it is, the beneficiary can never imagine what he or she will be expressed as, even if the beneficiary receives caricatures from people everyday, it will always surprise the beneficiary because, of course they will all be created with different concept, telling different stories, so in a nutshell itbis surprising.

4. Usefulness : Now if you look close to the image above, it illustrates Akinwumi Adesina holding a hand trowel, crying bucket filled with cement and building a statue that looks like Africa’s map, this illustration simply means the man (Akinwumi Adriana) is pert of those working tirelessly to build Africa, if not anything this keeps him reminded of his will and interest anytime he sees the artwork.

5. Meaningful: All that is illustrated makes sense, it tells story about the beneficiary, about what the giver thinks of the beneficiary which makes the gift qualify for the fifth character.

Now it’s Xmas time and am sure on your mind you will want to give best, a gift that will also qualify for durability character, which will be able to serve long so you or the beneficiary can always point finger to even after 25 years time.

Stop stressing looking for gift that answered all, which will make your beneficiary feel all the characteristics above, all you have to do is click on the whatsapp icon to chat with us or rather click on the contact us to see our email and phone number to call, let us help you create a best gift that suit personality of your beneficiary.

Thinking Of Giving A Retirement Gift?

We know it’s hard choosing best gift to give to a colleague,boss,friend, partner, family, that will soon retire because first you will want to give them a unique, personalized gift that will last, if possible, forever.

Now let’s look at some items that are possibly best for retirements, so to list these items we visited a blog called considerables for 10 most creative retirement gifts,

  • Scratch of travel jounal
  • Spa basket
  • Flower Seeds
  • Personalized photo frane
  • Clock with a quote
  • Literary subscription
  • Whisky making kit
  • New hobby box
  • Personalized poker

Above mentioned items were the great items that made the first 10 of considerables, but now do you think it includes a very personalised one?

Yes, you can add text which could make it personalized, but wouldn’t you want to make your gift as personal as possible?

Making your gift unique and personal is the real goal of all gift giver, this will make the beneficiary have the giver forever on his or her mind.

Have you ever thought of showing your beneficiary his or her future after returement, how adorable do you think that will be for a person that is at the edge of retiring, they will be happy to see things that showed them about what you think about them or their future.

Retirement Caricature Sample

In the above caricature, we illustrated somethings which are element or retirement, like the wall clock, the mobile phone message pop up column, the fruits and of course the bed, all these indicates that the subject is retired and now it’s time for him to enjoy himself, for example the clock being embraced by the subject means, now the subject has time as his friend, no more resume time, and if you look deep the clock says 11:00am and he is still in bed.

Also we added the message pop up to indicate investment will start paying up And with the department message still scripted on the artwork it still makes it more personally.

What is your idea, we will express in funny caricatures so the beneficiary will wake up and get to see what you wish him/her after retirement, there is no any other better way to motivate and inspire the retiree.

This is just a sample, we can help express what ever the idea you have in you, also we can help advise on how vest the artwork can be produced.

Our final question is are you thinking of giving a retirement gift? Gift a real personalised gift today by clicking our contact us.

How our caricatures made is to appear on big brother Naija’s “pepper dem” edition.

Although our studio has once created an artwork around the atmosphere of activities in big brother Nigeria.

There was a time that we created caricatures of housemates that were up for eviction, aroud big brother Nigeria this year’s edition theme “pepper dem”

We expressed the housemates then as anti pepper and made them play so much with pepper.

We posted these images on our social media platforms and we got some responses.

After our own social media post , few weeks later, we got a call from a client whom want us to create remaining 10 house mates caricatures.

We did our work and on the 21st of September our artwork was on the most viewed television reality show in Africa, Big Brother Nigeria.

We were lucky enough to capture this live through being viewed on television.

All the artwork were signed by our renowned artist Owolabi , if you missed the show on the 21st, probably you won’t get catch of this.

These artworks was in each gift box given to each housemates. This is our story on how we appeared on Africa biggest reality show.

An Idea For A Unique Gift?

Every one wants to give a unique gift and with caricatures your gift can always be unique each time you gift them.

What are we talking about, this is no gimmicks or some lies, it’s fact. You can always have a unique gifts with just having to order for caricatures.

Now, lets school you a bit about this, we want to believe you have an idea of what caricature is, okay if you don’t know, it’s a satire or funny drawing of people.

How Could This Really Always Be Unique?

What’s unique is what always tells a different story, different feeling, different reaction, or we should say, what is not common.

Did you know, if you can always tell different story of someone with an image, that is unique. Yes, it is.

A caricature can tell a story about what you the giver thinks about the receivers personality, fear, adventure, myth, imagination, feelings, and more.

If you can always tell a different story in people caricatures you can always give a unique gift.

Having to give a gift with a caricature image that tells a different story all time about the receiver is a real deal and it is always surprising.

So you wanna a try a caricature gift now? Instead of you giving a gift with traditional picture ,name, theme.

Yes! you can have a caricature which is always funny of the receiver on these gift items, be it t-shirt, hat, phone case and more.

it is more gifty when you add caricatures on everyday use gifts.

Check out our Art Shop to see samples.

What’s life without happiness, when there is real humor, it get to stick in people’s memory forever. Give it a try today! By Contacting us .

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