Laffmattazz 2021

On the 4th of April, we were hired to come grace an event that took place in Ibadan, a show that is hosted by the CFR, GCON Gbenga Adeyinka.

It was the events 10 years anniversary, and we were called upon to entertain and help create a lasting souvenir at the event.

We offered our service putting forward our best foot,  star celebrity professional spot on caricaturist Owolabi.

The event took place at a popular event location in Ibadan, Oyo-State,  Jogor Centre, as the event was flooded with a lot of celebrities and attenders.

We won’t forget to let you know the event was a mix of everything entertainment.  from drama to music, dance, comedy art, and more.

We were on the ground, courtesy MALTINA brand, we creates spot on caricatures of attenders, as we made sure they were entertained and amuse with every of our piece.

Here are few pictures taken.

Digital spot on caricature at laffmattazz
Live digital spot on caricature at laffmattazz

Zoom event live caricatures

Zoom event live caricature

We all had nice time @bigalart_ caricature BBQ here is one of the caricatures drawn live at the #zoomevent, below are few images we created.

Zoom event live caricature
Zoom event live caricature

Digital Spot-on Caricature At A Corporate Event

Yes, again we were called upon to come and help make everyone have a keep sake of their at their corporate event.

It was BTM’s CWT launch activities and they requested for our area of expertise ” digital spot-on caricature ” service.

We offered the the Elite Package of spot-on caricature service which meant that we have to offer a digital spot-on caricature, where the guests not only have fun environment having to see each line of an artwork drawn or go home with their keep sake but also keep as abranded artworks.

Guests were making a home run with each piece our star spot-on caricature artist have drawn for them as he had them signed and dated.

We enjoyed ourselves so were the guests .

here is a sneak peek video

Laughter and surprise was the order of the day there and then on the 10/11/19 with our star spot on caricature artist Owolabi.

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