Caricature we created on 15 of July 2021

We are sure by the time you compare our artwork, side by side with the original image, you were like Yassss!

One thing we try to do when we create caricatures is not to make it boring.

The elements we added in this artwork that is not originally in the image is the teeth and the hand posture.

One thing we want to be sure of when delivering our live or spot on caricature is happiness both from the viewers and from the subject, we like to keep the atmosphere happy.

Live digital caricature

We are certain you can feel the vibe, write us if you have an upcoming event, so we can come entertain and help you deliver awesome souvenir, a live digital caricatures for your guests and prospects.

Caricature we created today 14 of July

Yes! owolabi woke up today feeling energized although he took a break off yesterday without creating artwork, today he created an image of several beautiful ladies, but for now, we want to add this one here for you to view, also you can check out our process on our YouTube channel here.

When owolabi was asked about how he exxeggerated the subject, his response was that he created her how he was feeling, which means it has to do with the temperament he was feeling right then.


We hope you guys enjoys the feel of the exxerggeration, as owolabi just expressed himself.

Thanks for viewing, we will, these days, do day to day upload of our works, why they are drawn, and also add links for you to view our process, we hope you keep enjoying us as we express our moments with art.

Nigerian celebrity boxing match

How are you beautiful people, definitely it will be a tremendous year for us all, there has been signs of this since last year.

Yes! One of the signs were a cooling satire image we created with cool and relaxing stories, depicting Nigerian celebrities and telling a story that stages them fighting.

We know too well that a lot of people really want to know more about boxing as a sport , so we created this relaxing stories for you to laugh and enjoy.

Banky W blocking Reminisces Punch

We titled it funny celebrity fight Naija, the stories which were written and created by us.

To see what we have written and created in the past , click funny celebrity fight Naija .

We will be updating our blog posts with new write ups, please stay tuned.

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