Former Barcelona Player Retired from Football

This above artwork contained 2 Barcelona players, owolabi is a big fan of one, so when Pedro Rodriguez posted an image of himself and Javier Mascherano, Owolabi quickly got to work and wanted our fans to know his favorite player is celebrating another player they’d played together he’s hanging his boot.. @_pedro17_ wrote in Spanish on IG and we quoted ” thanks for playing football ” thanking mascherano.

The 36-year-old had been playing for Estudiantes in his native Argentina.

He won the Champions League twice and La Liga five times during a successful eight-year period at Barcelona.


Our latest

With this look we were able to create a caricature theme that matched it.

Reference pic
The caricature


What do you think?

no memories is too small to be lost.

We posted this artwork on our instagram with a bit of words of advise on making sure we keep memory as we live everyday,  there is no memory too small to be kept.

The painted artwork was created with this reference

This picture is a very old picture and was re-shot with even poor mobile phone camera. It is a pity we can not have this moment again which would have given us good privilege to shoot a clearer and more professional original image.

Did you know this picture was taken over 20 years ago? this is the reason why the caption on instagram was ‘

“It’s been grace. When you are a parent, spend time with your kids, it’s important, and try to always keep record or take pictures of the time because soon enough you’ll get old and you’ll appreciate the mormries you made and kept

The picture was taken at Ibadan Polo club.

The artwork was created with poor resolution image,  but the artist, Owolabi, tried his best,  doing a lot of zooming while painting  to get the details but with all effort he was unable to still see deep enough but tried his best to make the image still come out great.

We hope we have been able to let you see the advantages of keeping memories. no memories is too small to be lost.  

Always take pictures and video recording of your moments,  with your mobile phone  and lot of  cloud storage facility, you should not worry too much about loosing, damages or space on your mobile phone.

How To Draw A Broom

We will like to teach the world some traditional things as African and as a Nigerian, also we will like to teach how to draw them which is why we chose this subject.

We chose to show you how to draw a broom in the video below.

Yes we are sure you are familiar with the worD broom, We are sure in your mind, you might been thinking is it the same broom that you know, yes, it’s that same broom that you know but this time,its African’s, Nigerians this time.

In this video, Owolabi, spoke about what the African broom is made from and how it is used.

What a broom is used for? for those that don’t know, it is used for sweeping, cleaning our environment.

You can ask your children to follow and keep notification on for more videos about African culture, African made things and it’s environment,we will be sharing simple form on how to draw them.

You might be wondering, why did we decide to share this, we believe there should be a lot you gain following us, apart from being informed about our products and services, we will like to to awake some part of drawing side in your brain too which we believe will allow you to do the draw while you do the talk.

We uploaded this video on our YouTube channel to educate the world about how to draw broom, where broom is made from and where this particular broom is being used.

See the video here

Our Recent Digital Artwork

We were contacted and as usual asked to create a digital painting for our Client, what’s spacial about this request is, our client wanted to use so many references at a go so she sent us to many pictures to pick different features.

One, was the posture, other what the clothing, the smile from another one, and hair from another pic too, all these were brought together to make a perfect work. Here is the final piece.

This is an ordered digital painting of a client to show we can choose from different reference pictures to create one exotic digital painting
Digital painting singing

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