Caricature we created on 15 of July 2021

We are sure by the time you compare our artwork, side by side with the original image, you were like Yassss!

One thing we try to do when we create caricatures is not to make it boring.

The elements we added in this artwork that is not originally in the image is the teeth and the hand posture.

One thing we want to be sure of when delivering our live or spot on caricature is happiness both from the viewers and from the subject, we like to keep the atmosphere happy.

Live digital caricature

We are certain you can feel the vibe, write us if you have an upcoming event, so we can come entertain and help you deliver awesome souvenir, a live digital caricatures for your guests and prospects.

Our latest

With this look we were able to create a caricature theme that matched it.

Reference pic
The caricature


What do you think?

Back in time In Nigeria, Yoruba People

We tried to look back in time,  we tried to live in time of our grand parents and parents,  then,  there were some entertainments too and some kind of way they relax after making that cocoa sale, of harvesting their plantation, we tried to go 30-40 years ago and see if we can get some entertainers of those days,  caricature them to bring awareness to our this days entertainers,  that there had been people making wave back in time.

Today,  we will like to share you men and women whom were entertainers back in the days first here is a caricature of Hakuna Ishola.

Haruna Ishola’s Caricature

Haruna Ishola BelloM.O.N. honorary title,Member of the Order of the Niger (1919-1983) is a Nigerian musician, and one of the most popular artists in the apala genre.

Salawa Abeni’s Caricature

Salawa Abeni Alidu (born 5 May 1961) is a Nigerian singer.[1] An Ijebu Yoruba from [Ijebu Waterside, in Ogun State, she began her professional career in waka music when she released her debut album titled, Late General Murtala Ramat Mohammed, in 1976, on Leader Records. It became the first recording by a female artist in Yoruba Songs to sell over a million copies in Nigeria.

Yusuf Olatunji’s Caricature

Yusuf Olatunji, also known as Baba Legba or Baba L’Egbaa (1905 -1978),[1] was a NigerianSakara drum player, who popularized the sakara music style.[2] He was purportedly born in 1905 or 1906 in a village called Gbegbinlawo in Ogun State in south-western Nigeria, although there are still doubts about the location of his birth.

We are working on more of these, as there art prints will be soon available for everyone to buy on our art prints page,  thanks for reading.

50cent and Pop Smoke Caricature


We are sure the first thing that will come to your mind is why did we decide to draw and paint these two entertainers together,  well recelty 50cent has been flooding his instagram account with Pop Smokes images so it got our attention and we decided to wanted to know why.

Pop Smoke who was shot and killed at a Los Angeles residence earlier this year. Weeks before his death, the rapper released Meet the Woo 2, which debuted in the top 10 of the Billboard 200.

50 cent whom is a friend “50 was like, ‘You can’t be depressed and stop the legacy that he was building.

In early March, 50 Cent announced plans to executive produce and finish Smoke’s album. During the Rap Life episode, Victor recalled how 50 pushed him to release the project.

50 Cent also touched on the Brooklyn music scene in the wake of Pop Smoke’s murder.

The posthumous album was released July 3,  2020.

Here is 50 cent pic we used to create the artwork.

We decided to create 50 cent puffing smoke out which turned to Pop smoke,  we had little issue creating the 50 cents image because Almost all the elements of the head were imagined and no real picture to follow to really  tell a story.

We tried to tell a story of “50 being the executive producer of the album.

Here is Pop Smoke picture used


Watch how the video of how we drew and paint the artwork here .

Try to follow us on all platforms as I do art studios.  We will be sharing interesting images and telling an exciting stories keep your notifications on, thank you.

Nigerian celebrity boxing match

How are you beautiful people, definitely it will be a tremendous year for us all, there has been signs of this since last year.

Yes! One of the signs were a cooling satire image we created with cool and relaxing stories, depicting Nigerian celebrities and telling a story that stages them fighting.

We know too well that a lot of people really want to know more about boxing as a sport , so we created this relaxing stories for you to laugh and enjoy.

Banky W blocking Reminisces Punch

We titled it funny celebrity fight Naija, the stories which were written and created by us.

To see what we have written and created in the past , click funny celebrity fight Naija .

We will be updating our blog posts with new write ups, please stay tuned.

Couples’s Anniversary’s Caricature

Recently we commissioned a 3D quality of our artworks, which we created to illustrate the journey of live and the royal destination in which the couple marked.

Couple’s Caricature Lagos Nigeria.

Relationship as it is is a journey of two people and if if after every year it is still joy, it is worth celebrating this is why we were asked to create something that will portray these love birds relationship.

Framed Couple’s Caricature

They got married a year ago and so far, they had knowledge about the terrain of marriage which was why they got themselves SUV for the ride and of course they have been able to enjoy love all along .

They prepared for it, they got to it and it has been an easy ride.

Mad Melon

As a music lover in Nigeria, there was a time this artiste song was in the reign that everyone corner you go someone will sing a line from any of their songs, they were called the Danfo Drivers . They made an album that all the songs on the album were hit tracks.

One of the group artiste is called Mad Melon, while the other is called Mountain Black and together they were Danfo Drivers as their together stage name.

Why them today? Recently one of them passed away.

In their days they were raw, it was during the time of no too much publicity all you have to do was to make a good song and gboom! You will blow.

We made an artwork for the deceased Mad Melon to pay tribute to him, he sang to gave the ghetto hope.

Mad Melon Caricature

Every little contribution you can do, while air still goes through your nostrils, do it, you never can tell when it will stop, little he did today we were able to write and create caricature about it.

Rest in peace Mad Melon, as your legecay lives on.

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