Caricature Resolution 2021

Caricature resolution is drawing of subjects that get put out by (ISCA) international society of caricature artists, this year has not been different.

The ISCA on their Instagram social handle put out names of celebrities that should be drawn by caricature artists around the world and of course, I do art studios, our studio participated and it was fun.

We got to draw the names listed of the celebrities as it follows,  day in day out.

It was a real discipline exercise for Owolabi, our star boy! Yes, being a member of ISCA he’s ought to participate and of course, he participated.

The name of the celebrities follows on the roster as their birthday days are, a real good thing you will say!

And of course, it was fun. Here is our pic layout of the whole 31 caricatures created day in day out through this 2021 January.

Caricature resolution 2021

The End Of Caricature Resolution 2020

We are happy to be part of this year’s caricature theme creator, yes! Firstly, we didn’t know that there is a theme for African Caricaturist which we would have love to participate in as an African caricature studio, we got to know a bit late.

We started with the one for Americans and on that note we ended with the one with Americans .

Here is our Lizzy Minneli’s caricature

Lizza Minelli

Lizza Minelli is number 28 on the list of people Caricaturist around work to get drawn with our style so, that was a piece of ours.

This kind of painting is what we categorized as our 2d quality painting.

We satire a few about her face feature, as we will want her to look happy and muse enough to trigger an ease hormones in the brain of the viewer.

You want to learn more about who Lizza mineli is click here .

what do you think about the resemblance? Do you like the painting style we used?

look out for the next post as we are sure you won’t want to miss this one.

she’s a popular American muscician and a recent Grammy Award winner, look out for the next post

Mad Melon

As a music lover in Nigeria, there was a time this artiste song was in the reign that everyone corner you go someone will sing a line from any of their songs, they were called the Danfo Drivers . They made an album that all the songs on the album were hit tracks.

One of the group artiste is called Mad Melon, while the other is called Mountain Black and together they were Danfo Drivers as their together stage name.

Why them today? Recently one of them passed away.

In their days they were raw, it was during the time of no too much publicity all you have to do was to make a good song and gboom! You will blow.

We made an artwork for the deceased Mad Melon to pay tribute to him, he sang to gave the ghetto hope.

Mad Melon Caricature

Every little contribution you can do, while air still goes through your nostrils, do it, you never can tell when it will stop, little he did today we were able to write and create caricature about it.

Rest in peace Mad Melon, as your legecay lives on.

What happened on Big Brother Nigeria Last Night

So, biggie asked the housemates to create a graffiti at the big brother Nigeria living room.

Why we had to write about this is cos it concerns us.

Yes for real it does, now all other house mates were creating a ton of things on the wall and gbam! Omashola the one with the warri slang was the artistic one trying to mimic the artwork we created for each housemates.

Omashola Big brother house

Yes, hype and steam company had us create these artworks for the house mates, which were used as gift for the house mates, although the instruction was not to really exaggerate too much about them so it was more a normal look and a tiny body sort of caricatures.

Omashola doing his graffiti in big brother’s house

Omashola Collected all housemates caricatures created by house for the And started copying, well you’ll be the judge, let us know if he did a great job by commenting below.

Big brother Naija’s housemates caricatures


Omashola painting Mike

How our caricatures made is to appear on big brother Naija’s “pepper dem” edition.

Although our studio has once created an artwork around the atmosphere of activities in big brother Nigeria.

There was a time that we created caricatures of housemates that were up for eviction, aroud big brother Nigeria this year’s edition theme “pepper dem”

We expressed the housemates then as anti pepper and made them play so much with pepper.

We posted these images on our social media platforms and we got some responses.

After our own social media post , few weeks later, we got a call from a client whom want us to create remaining 10 house mates caricatures.

We did our work and on the 21st of September our artwork was on the most viewed television reality show in Africa, Big Brother Nigeria.

We were lucky enough to capture this live through being viewed on television.

All the artwork were signed by our renowned artist Owolabi , if you missed the show on the 21st, probably you won’t get catch of this.

These artworks was in each gift box given to each housemates. This is our story on how we appeared on Africa biggest reality show.

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