Revealing the Magic of Caricature Art: More Than Just a Portrait

Women holding drawn caricature

When it comes to art, many of us envision classical portraits capturing the essence of the subject with precision and realism. However, enter the whimsical world of caricature art, and you’re in for a delightful surprise. Unlike conventional portraits, caricatures embrace exaggeration and playfulness, turning a simple likeness into a lively, exaggerated depiction that transcends the ordinary.

Expect the Unexpected: Beyond the Norm Portrait

As you settle into that caricature artist’s chair, prepare to have your perceptions challenged. Caricatures are not meant to be photographic replicas; they are a unique interpretation of the subject’s features, infused with humor and creativity. The elongated noses, oversized eyes, and exaggerated expressions may initially seem unconventional, but therein lies the charm. Embrace the unexpected, and you’ll discover a refreshing take on capturing personality.

Falling in Love with Caricature: Endless Possibilities

What sets caricature art apart is its boundless potential for creativity. Artists wield their pens like magic wands, transforming ordinary features into a visual spectacle. The process invites a sense of wonder and opens up endless possibilities for self-expression. It’s not just about replicating a face; it’s about distilling character traits, quirks, and individuality onto the canvas, creating a piece that resonates with both the subject and the observer.

Entertainment Unleashed: A Story in Every Stroke

Caricature art is more than a static image; it’s a form of entertainment in itself. Picture this: the artist deftly capturing your essence with every stroke, turning the act of being drawn into a captivating performance. The exaggerated features tell a story, injecting life and humor into the artwork. It’s an interactive experience that goes beyond the visual – it’s about the energy, the laughter, and the shared moment between artist and subject.

A Caricature: A Storytelling Medium

The allure of caricature lies not just in its ability to capture physical features but in its aptitude for storytelling. Every line, every curve, speaks volumes about the person being depicted. From showcasing a hobby to highlighting a unique facial expression, caricatures convey narratives that extend far beyond the surface. So, the next time you sit down for a caricature, expect not just a drawing but a visual story that reflects the essence of who you are.

In conclusion, caricature art is a celebration of individuality, a departure from the mundane, and an invitation to embrace the unexpected. It’s a medium that thrives on creativity, entertainment, and the power to tell stories in a way that traditional portraits simply cannot. So, let the next caricature session be more than just a sitting; let it be an experience that adds a splash of humor, a dash of creativity, and a touch of storytelling to your day.



Caricature Monday! 26 september

Today on the 26th of September, we went deep in our style and created some new caricatures that are already receiving likes on our social media platforms, we think it will be awesome if we share here… See and tell us which is your favourite.



Caricature artist Nigeria
Caricature artist Nigeria
Caricature artist Nigeria
Caricature artist Nigeria



Comment below to let us know your favourite..

We updated our gallery samples

Our newly update caricatures to our website

Recently we think the samples we have in our gallery are stale and we felt a need to add some new more samples to keep our website fresh, also we did little tweak  on the page of our website as we want our visitors to have a seamless browse when going through our website.

We made sure all the categories have new  samples and of course we tried to focus more on the business and working enviroment use of caricature as gift and more also we didn’t leave out the romance and birthday and family.

We made sure these caricatures portrays either of these use mentioned above to give visitors ideas on how and why caricature can be the best gift to give and receive all time.

You can visit our home page to go see these sample but of course we won’t write this post without adding some, see below for the artworks.


Book us for your boss, staffs, colleague, family and friends caricature, we will be happy to help you express what you think of them.

Caricature we created today 14 of July

Yes! owolabi woke up today feeling energized although he took a break off yesterday without creating artwork, today he created an image of several beautiful ladies, but for now, we want to add this one here for you to view, also you can check out our process on our YouTube channel here.

When owolabi was asked about how he exxeggerated the subject, his response was that he created her how he was feeling, which means it has to do with the temperament he was feeling right then.


We hope you guys enjoys the feel of the exxerggeration, as owolabi just expressed himself.

Thanks for viewing, we will, these days, do day to day upload of our works, why they are drawn, and also add links for you to view our process, we hope you keep enjoying us as we express our moments with art.

Live Caricatures for your events

You will see caricatures attached to it’s reference live, a kind you will get when hire us for your event.

This week for us was hectic, at same time, was interesting .

We created these caricatures, as we attached the original reference image to it for you to see the likeness and quality in our style.

This is a sample of what you will get when we create a live digital caricatures for you, your guests or prospects, offering spot-on caricature service live at your event.

Yes, hire us, the best fastest digital caricaturist in the world Owolabi, to come entertain your guests, prospects at your next event either in person or virtually. 


Our recently created caricatures

Below are our recently created caricature artworks,  enjoy.

Reno Omokiri’s Caricature
Morris Monye’s Caricature

Our latest

With this look we were able to create a caricature theme that matched it.

Reference pic
The caricature


What do you think?

Zoom event live caricatures

Zoom event live caricature

We all had nice time @bigalart_ caricature BBQ here is one of the caricatures drawn live at the #zoomevent, below are few images we created.

Zoom event live caricature
Zoom event live caricature

Back in time In Nigeria, Yoruba People

We tried to look back in time,  we tried to live in time of our grand parents and parents,  then,  there were some entertainments too and some kind of way they relax after making that cocoa sale, of harvesting their plantation, we tried to go 30-40 years ago and see if we can get some entertainers of those days,  caricature them to bring awareness to our this days entertainers,  that there had been people making wave back in time.

Today,  we will like to share you men and women whom were entertainers back in the days first here is a caricature of Hakuna Ishola.

Haruna Ishola’s Caricature

Haruna Ishola BelloM.O.N. honorary title,Member of the Order of the Niger (1919-1983) is a Nigerian musician, and one of the most popular artists in the apala genre.

Salawa Abeni’s Caricature

Salawa Abeni Alidu (born 5 May 1961) is a Nigerian singer.[1] An Ijebu Yoruba from [Ijebu Waterside, in Ogun State, she began her professional career in waka music when she released her debut album titled, Late General Murtala Ramat Mohammed, in 1976, on Leader Records. It became the first recording by a female artist in Yoruba Songs to sell over a million copies in Nigeria.

Yusuf Olatunji’s Caricature

Yusuf Olatunji, also known as Baba Legba or Baba L’Egbaa (1905 -1978),[1] was a NigerianSakara drum player, who popularized the sakara music style.[2] He was purportedly born in 1905 or 1906 in a village called Gbegbinlawo in Ogun State in south-western Nigeria, although there are still doubts about the location of his birth.

We are working on more of these, as there art prints will be soon available for everyone to buy on our art prints page,  thanks for reading.

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