Caricature we created today 14 of July

Yes! owolabi woke up today feeling energized although he took a break off yesterday without creating artwork, today he created an image of several beautiful ladies, but for now, we want to add this one here for you to view, also you can check out our process on our YouTube channel here.

When owolabi was asked about how he exxeggerated the subject, his response was that he created her how he was feeling, which means it has to do with the temperament he was feeling right then.


We hope you guys enjoys the feel of the exxerggeration, as owolabi just expressed himself.

Thanks for viewing, we will, these days, do day to day upload of our works, why they are drawn, and also add links for you to view our process, we hope you keep enjoying us as we express our moments with art.

Laffmattazz 2021

On the 4th of April, we were hired to come grace an event that took place in Ibadan, a show that is hosted by the CFR, GCON Gbenga Adeyinka.

It was the events 10 years anniversary, and we were called upon to entertain and help create a lasting souvenir at the event.

We offered our service putting forward our best foot,  star celebrity professional spot on caricaturist Owolabi.

The event took place at a popular event location in Ibadan, Oyo-State,  Jogor Centre, as the event was flooded with a lot of celebrities and attenders.

We won’t forget to let you know the event was a mix of everything entertainment.  from drama to music, dance, comedy art, and more.

We were on the ground, courtesy MALTINA brand, we creates spot on caricatures of attenders, as we made sure they were entertained and amuse with every of our piece.

Here are few pictures taken.

Digital spot on caricature at laffmattazz
Live digital spot on caricature at laffmattazz

Express your hobby in caricature

Today we want to share what we have been working on in few days ago.  Yes!  It’s a caricature that express a hobby.

What’s your hobby?  A caricature could be the best to help you express that.

Are you cloudy about what to give someone on as gift? Well, a caricature could be the answer you want because it will just tell a story about who they are and things they like to do.

We made use of Femi Otedola picture as our reference.  See below the image we used.

Femi otedola caricature

Sir Femi Otedola is one of Nigerias prominent billionaire and we just chose to make use of him as our reference.

We expressed him fishing, lol.

What do you think about the likeness with its caricature,  an sure you will be able to just give us 5 star.  You can make use of the comment box below.


no memories is too small to be lost.

We posted this artwork on our instagram with a bit of words of advise on making sure we keep memory as we live everyday,  there is no memory too small to be kept.

The painted artwork was created with this reference

This picture is a very old picture and was re-shot with even poor mobile phone camera. It is a pity we can not have this moment again which would have given us good privilege to shoot a clearer and more professional original image.

Did you know this picture was taken over 20 years ago? this is the reason why the caption on instagram was ‘

“It’s been grace. When you are a parent, spend time with your kids, it’s important, and try to always keep record or take pictures of the time because soon enough you’ll get old and you’ll appreciate the mormries you made and kept

The picture was taken at Ibadan Polo club.

The artwork was created with poor resolution image,  but the artist, Owolabi, tried his best,  doing a lot of zooming while painting  to get the details but with all effort he was unable to still see deep enough but tried his best to make the image still come out great.

We hope we have been able to let you see the advantages of keeping memories. no memories is too small to be lost.  

Always take pictures and video recording of your moments,  with your mobile phone  and lot of  cloud storage facility, you should not worry too much about loosing, damages or space on your mobile phone.

How The World Would Have Been Saved This Time Of  Pandemic By African Culture. 

Who could have thought shaking of hands could be this delicate 2020, all the gesture that needs to be made when meeting new people or even your old friends all now stopped, because it could lead to mass destruction.

We are sure if someone ever told you will be more afraid of a handshake that a gun you will argue, well, as we live on, we tend to live different time and moments.

The virus is easily transfered via shaking hands, when a carrier of the virus shakes hands then virus is transferred. At this point, will you agree the African way of greeting is best, when you have to postrate in distance to greet an elderly (just saying).

If it’s that the virus can only affect the person it been transferred to, it would have been okay, at least, but, if transferred to the person, the person too can easily transfer to friends, folks, family, society at large which could lead to death of thousands.

Hence forth, will you prefer African way of greeting? Where Africans prostrate or bow for people in distance to make gesture when meeting new and old friends .

These days a lot of Africans do not practise their ways to greeting, they prefer the westerns, where you shake hands.

Will you argue, practising African ways of greeting would have safe our lives more and more?

Maybe it’s time Africa teaches it cultural ways to the world.

Couples’s Anniversary’s Caricature

Recently we commissioned a 3D quality of our artworks, which we created to illustrate the journey of live and the royal destination in which the couple marked.

Couple’s Caricature Lagos Nigeria.

Relationship as it is is a journey of two people and if if after every year it is still joy, it is worth celebrating this is why we were asked to create something that will portray these love birds relationship.

Framed Couple’s Caricature

They got married a year ago and so far, they had knowledge about the terrain of marriage which was why they got themselves SUV for the ride and of course they have been able to enjoy love all along .

They prepared for it, they got to it and it has been an easy ride.

Shark Boy

When everyone on Sunday was going to their religious places, Owolabi was riding on a crazy shark on our social media platforms.

Our post manager said he woke up to get a a file from our star Nigerian born caricature artist Owolabi.

So myself, I put a phone call through to him and asked, Owolabi, yes I got this shark boy file of yours can you tell a bit about how you got the inspiration to create such, so he replied saying, the thought of being a shark boy came through to him while we were present at our recent spot-on caricature event.

He asked if I noticed there was an aquarium, and I replied yes, he said he thought about riding on a shark icane through to him mmediately after seeing that Lil fish in the aquarium.

Moral of the story, if you are into creative industry be it movie, music, art , designs. it’s always great when you see your environment as an inspiration, and you know what? there is no too less inspiration, you can always make a small inspiration big, by surfing online on more information to make it roburst . Here is our SHARK BOY enjoy.

So we wrote on our latest post on instagram, asking how wild would you wanna go with your caricatures? You wanna ride a rocket or a bullet? Your caricatures depends on your imagination and we are here you help you paint them out.

Am sure now you know caricatures are very interesting to stare at.

Thanks for reading through.

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