Spot On Caricature For Events

Spot on caricature creates interactive entertainment atmosphere when it’s being offered at events.

We’re quick, talented digital and traditional caricature artists with extensive theme-park training and experience. Our hilarious caricatures have been enjoyed at corporate events and private parties.

Spot-on caricature artist Lagos Nigeria
Whether you’re looking for a unique wedding reception idea, or want to keep guests / prospects entertained at your event, we’ll help you you create an atmosphere of fun that everyone will be talking about for a long time. Why not think outside the box and get creative when it comes to the entertainment at your next event? 
Live traditional caricaturist

Requesting for our service solidify your souvenir, this is because we will have each drawing we offered branded with either your logo or your event’s theme. How other best way would you want to make your event a memorable one?

There’s no better way to WOW your guests and clients at your next party, corporate event, or trade show. Instead of using traditional paper and markers to draw caricatures at your event, our Digital Caricature Artists draw on an electronic tablet that is connected to the TV monitors they bring. This allows guests to watch the caricatures come to life from around to room. Trade show attendees will stop in their tracks to watch our artist, at your booth to get drawn.  

Digital Caricatures 

 Digital Caricatures can be drawn in full color, or black and white, and will include your branding and logos. Guests will receive an instant glossy print of the caricature to take home with them (4×6, 5×7, or 8.5×11). Or use our badge holders and lanyards as a great way to make trade show attendees a walking advertisement for your booth! We can also customize the background and boarder to reflect your company’s branding or product.

Watch this video to see how renowned our spot-on Caricaturist is and see him performs Live at an event

Our service helps so much at trade shows, when we draw live! Everybody wants to see how each drawing unfolds, this makes it easy to bring crowd to booths, if being offered.

Digital Spot-on caricature at events Nigeria Africa
Spot on caricature

Entertain your guests, prospects, give cool souvenir and also watch your logo spread.


Now with COVID19 we understand the desire to reduce guests and attendees touching the same display.  So we’re now offering a Contactless system, where we’ll display QR Codes at the event that everyone can easily scan with their smart phone camera*, instantly taking them to the webpage for the digital downloads.  Upon landing on the webpage, they will be asked to enter their name, email, company and position, prior to be given access to the caricatures, as well as receiving a disclaimer that they will be added to an emailing list.  We can even add a survey question to this if you’d like.  After the event, we’ll provide you with an Excel file with all the data collected


Our Packages



300,000 Naira per event.

When you really wanna knock their socks off…

  • Digital caricatures
  • Large screen for max visibility
  • Color logo on every drawing
  • Free 4×6 color printing
  • Same-day digital downloads
  • Custom paper frame

Takes 6mins per person 



250, 000 Naira per event.

Our most popular option for corporate events…

  • Digital caricatures
  • Large screen for max visibility
  • Color logo on every drawing
  • Free 4×6 color printing
  • Same-day digital downloads

Takes 6mins per person



150,000 Naira per event.

For when you’re on a tight budget…

  • Traditional pen-and-ink caricatures

Take 2-4mins per person 

-Exclusive For Standard Package.

5,000 Naira  per person for unit of 10 persons, 10,000 Naira  per person for unit of 5 persons or less, minimum of two persons.

  For when you have small group of people.

  • Traditional pen-and-ink caricatures. 

Kindly Contact Us to know if our itinerary is free. We look forward to serving you.

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