You need a real interactive valuable entertainment at your Events?

We I Do Art Studios are the first of its kind in Nigeria to offer the service called Spot-On caricatures .

Spot On Caricature Service

With our professional artists and their experience of more than 5years, we have been able to thrill people, guests, prospects, customers at events all over Nigeria and some part in Europe.

Are you  thinking bringing real interactive entertainment give away item with real value at your event? look no further than spot on caricatures.

Apart from the fact that spot-On Caricatures is a true personalised gift, its great for all kinds of events.

Which is yours ?

Anniversary celebration, Dinner Auction Fundraiser ,Sports Party, Holiday Party birthday, bridal shower , baby shower ?

Requesting for our service solidify your souvenir, with the theme of the event on each artwork being made, makes each artwork a valuable ever durable souvenir.

Live Cartoon Drawing At Event

Are you a Company/Business?

Do you usually have corporate events?

Be it Seminars, Conferences, Trade shows, Executive retreats, Incentive programmes, Appreciation Events, Wedding Ceremony, Birthdays and more

Spot On Caricature Videos

You need us !

When its trade show we help pull crowd, entertain your prospects, and of all – give them an artwork of themselves with your logo, product/service description on each artwork.

Spot On Caricature Artist With Events Crowd

You will watch your logo spread.

We offer traditional and digital spot on caricature which enables swift artwork sharing on social media platforms .

Caricatures/cartoons is set to amuse people, keep laughter and happiness and mostly be a durable souvenir at events .

To check if our itinerary is free and to get our quick quote contact us , We are on, 24/7.