Funny celebrity fight naija, is just as it name. It’s comic and imaginative boxing fight in between Nigerian celebrities.

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Nigerians have gathered up at National Stadium surulere waiting to see their favourite celebrity throw punches and jabs.. It’s a boxing fight in between two of finest Nigerian celebrities

The stadium which has capacity of about 90 thousands spectatus, which has gathered and ready to be entertained.

Tonight is gonna be a great fight, the announcer is talking here, in his thick voice making the announcement.

I welcome you all to this edition of Funny Celebrity Fight Naija, this is where you will be seeing your celebrities not only doing what they know to do do best to entertain you but also throwing punches, fighting with blood and sweat just to proof who’s better and best on this side of entertainment too.

The crowd made some noise immediately heard the announcers voice, but calm as the announcer proceeds with the announcement. Tonitgh we have about 15 thousand mics around the ring side just for us to hear all the sound around the ring side and yes, if you can not see the ring probably from where you are due to your sight, then you should pay attention to the screen closer to you.