Talent of Nigerian Spoton Caricaturist Owolabi at RebirthNWC Event”

“Owolabi’s caricatures capture the essence of a person”

At the recent RebirthRWC event, attendees were thrilled to queue up and wait in line to have themselves drawn in caricature by the talented Nigerian spoton caricaturist Owolabi.

Live digital caricature at RebirthRWC event

Owolabi’s skills as a caricaturist are undeniable, and it was clear that those who waited in line were eager to have him capture their unique features and personalities in his signature style. His talent for capturing the essence of a person in a single illustration is truly remarkable, and it was a pleasure to watch him work.

The event was a huge success, with many people praising Owolabi’s talent and expressing their happiness at being able to experience it firsthand. It was clear that Owolabi’s work was greatly appreciated, and that he left a lasting impression on all who saw it.

Printed copy of Live digital caricature drawn by talented Owolabi the caricaturist

Overall, the RebirthRWC event was a great success, and Owolabi’s caricatures were a highlight for many attendees. If you have the opportunity to see him in action, don’t miss out!


Caricature artist Lagos Nigeria

Recently we were asked to come do what we know how to do best live at Muri- Okunola park lagos.

Yes, we had Owolabi our super spot-on caricaturist over there keeping the atmosphere lively and making everyone want theirs.

See below images to see what we did at the Desperado brand stand .

Live caricaturist in Lagos Nigeria 
Live caricaturist Lagos Nigeria
Caricature artist Lagos Nigeria
Caricature artist Lagos Nigeria
Live caricature artist Lagos Nigeria
Live caricature artist Lagos Nigeria


What do you think?

Lagos poetry festival 2022

If you must be somewhere with talks and art that event is where you ought to be, #lipfest2022 was an international event hosted at Terra Kulture Lagos Nigeria.

Why are we writing about this event, simply because we were there with out magic finger to perform live digital caricature for the guests and performer that came by, below are few of the images we took.

Live digital caricature at #lipfest2022
Live digital caricature at #lipfest2022
Live digital caricature at #lipfest2022
Live digital caricature at #lipfest2022

Let us know if you feel like you missed the party!

Stay tuned as we will keep you updated on our affairs.


Tyson fury and Anthony Joshua cancelled

Just yesterday Tyson fury took to his Twitter and did a video where he confirms that both himself and Anthony joshua’s fight will not be happening again after he asked AJ camp to sign the contract before 5pm UK time but AJ camp didn’t respond.

This happens afterTyson fury’s condition about the fight has been agreed by the AJ camp, conditions like percentage, place and time for the fight were all approved.

It’s sad we will not be able to witness this fight happening again this December.


We are caricature studio, trying to use our illustration and caricature spread news to the world, if you like our content, do not hesitate to comment and if you will like a piece of caricature please contact us .


Caricature Monday! 26 september

Today on the 26th of September, we went deep in our style and created some new caricatures that are already receiving likes on our social media platforms, we think it will be awesome if we share here… See and tell us which is your favourite.



Caricature artist Nigeria
Caricature artist Nigeria
Caricature artist Nigeria
Caricature artist Nigeria



Comment below to let us know your favourite..

We updated our gallery samples

Our newly update caricatures to our website

Recently we think the samples we have in our gallery are stale and we felt a need to add some new more samples to keep our website fresh, also we did little tweak  on the page of our website as we want our visitors to have a seamless browse when going through our website.

We made sure all the categories have new  samples and of course we tried to focus more on the business and working enviroment use of caricature as gift and more also we didn’t leave out the romance and birthday and family.

We made sure these caricatures portrays either of these use mentioned above to give visitors ideas on how and why caricature can be the best gift to give and receive all time.

You can visit our home page to go see these sample but of course we won’t write this post without adding some, see below for the artworks.


Book us for your boss, staffs, colleague, family and friends caricature, we will be happy to help you express what you think of them.

Jollof and palmie 4.0

On sunday 12:00 pm Owolabi arrived at Muri-Okunola’s park ready to draw attenders of Jollof and Jamie event hosted by badgang NG, the event was grace with lots activity entertainment together with charity services and donations, Our studio was at the event too.

Badgang community is a biker community which was able to host event that brought lot of bikers and non bikers together to celebrate and rejoice together.

Owolabi was there to offer the attenders live spot on caricature, below are few images we.got.from the event.

Live caricature lagos nigeria
Live caricature artist lagos nigeria
Lie caricature artist lagos.nigeria
Live caricature artist lagos nigeria
Live caricature artist lagos nigeria

African business integrity network and CIPE event

Big head cartoon at event

Recently we were asked to come  entertain and help souvenir guests of Arican business integrity network and CIPE event, it was at Southern Sun Ikoyi Lagos.

african business integrity network and CIPE event

With serene environment where we had the pool and water fall close as guests got to sit and Waoed by their amazing caricatures, Owolabi was just going, creating and help adding entertaiment to the awesome athmosphere .

The guests who came all across Africa was able to have all their keep sake artworks signed and and dated by Owolabi, our caricaturist.

We did less of exxagerating of faces, but of course still able to bring to  the artworks intrinsic satire of caricatures.

In all, we had fun, enjoyed the event as we made sure the guests had fun too.

We hope to share you more of our events, thanks to the organizers of african business integrity network and CIPE event


Charles okorocha Vs Efcc

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has arraigned a presidential hopeful and former governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha, before a Federal High Court in Abuja.

Okorocha, who currently represents Imo West senatorial district in the National Assembly, was arraigned before Justice Inyang Ekwo on Monday in the nation’s capital.

The former governor is being tried on a 17-count charge to the tune of N2.9 billion filed against him by the anti-graft agency.

He was accused of conspiring with others, including a member of the APC and five companies to steal from public coffers, although he has since denied any wrongdoing.

When the proceedings began, the lawmaker took a stand in the dock after which the charges were read to him.

In his response, he pleaded not guilty to the charges. The second defendant in the suit, Anyim Chinenye, as well as the five companies also pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Our Recent Live Caricature At Event

On Saturday was another day for us to showcase what we do best, Owolabi was called upon to go and entertain at a birthday party, it was @oluwa_seyiii ‘s birthday where we made sure the caricature entertainment was unleashed, below are few pictures for you , to see more visit our Instagram handle @idoartstudios .

Offering live caricature at event

Live caricature at Nigerian event
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