Virtual spot-on caricature for events

Are you hosting a remote or virtual event ?

Let’s say you are having an event during this pandemic lock down that  only yourself and your family can be physically available , such that attenders will have to connect to the party virtually.

Or you like. our service but location is becoming an issue for you to book us,  do not worry! we can still draw your guests from our end virtually. 

Did you know, you can still give these attenders a live,  virtual souvenir for them to remember the day forever?  All you have to do is book us,  make us join the online party and boom!  we can help you draw your virtual party or event attender. 


With just a click,  you book us for your events. Your attenders will get drawn virtually at your events in real time through your mobile phone or your computer camera via video call,  all you need to make sure you have is Zoom, Duo or any of the apps below, we will draw you,your friends and family, attenders, guests virtually anytime any location. 

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We can not wait to help make your event a great one.

Yes, you will have to book us to know if the time and day you will having your want to have us is free in our calendar, we will get back to you as soon as you submit your form.


What Happenes While Your Virtual Event Is On?

In Our End
  • There will be a professional Caricature artist Owolabi, drawing your event attenders, guests .
  • There will be a screen that shows every line being drawn by our Caricaturist.
  • Lastly, there is a video coverage of the moment on our end which we will send to you to see how the experience of your guests, friends and family went from our end.
A virtual caricature artist for your virtual Events
In Your End-
  • All you have to do is make sure your guests are at a place where light bounce on their face for a clarity, such that the artist can see well enough to capture their face.
  • Make sure you have a printer connected to your computer or phone just in case you want to print the caricatures for them.
  • lastly, they will enjoy themselves while being drawn live virtually.
You are being drawn over a virtually

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to draw one person?  It takes 6 minutes per person. 
  • How do I get my artwork after being drawn?  It depends on what you want, we can send all artworks to your drop box or email you.
  • What digital document format will the artwork be? It depends on what you want, it’s either .PNG or JPEG format, depends on what you want. 
  • Can we do more one person at a go?  Yes,  but as stated above, it will still be 6 mins per person,  let’s say you have 3 persons,  that will be 18mins in sum. 
  • Does location matters?  No,  as much as you have access to fast internet we are good.  
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