Palms Lekki Mall

Palms lekki mall was filled with faces with caricatures on the 28th of this month (May), it’s management has asked us to make shoppers happy with our spot-on caricature service, of course, we wouldn’t have been able to actualize that without the talent of Owolabi, the caricaturist, the finger painter who made sure the mall was filled with amazement by providing digital spot-on caricature.


We appreciate the mall’s management for allowing us to show our coordination plus our talent as a spot-on caricature company.


Here are few pictures.

Caricatures at palms lekki mall
At palms lekki mall

Yes, you know where to shop when you’re on the island Lagos Nigeria,


Our Recent Live Caricature At Event

On Saturday was another day for us to showcase what we do best, Owolabi was called upon to go and entertain at a birthday party, it was @oluwa_seyiii ‘s birthday where we made sure the caricature entertainment was unleashed, below are few pictures for you , to see more visit our Instagram handle @idoartstudios .

Offering live caricature at event

Live caricature at Nigerian event

What is spot-on caricature?

First let’s start with what is caricature?

A caricature is a satire (funny) drawing of you with lot of likeness, caricature’s purpose is to make you the subject and whosoever sees the artwork  laugh.

If it does not make people laugh, it is not a caricature.

Yes, it has to make people laugh, but laughing without likeness of the subject makes the caricature meaningless, when it has a likeness and it is funny, it’s a good caricature.

Now, what is spot on caricature: spot on caricature is offering caricatures drawing by an artist professionally called a caricaturist, live at events, these drawings often take very small time, let’s say within 2-3 minutes per person.

Remember, we said if it does not have likeness; not funny, it’s not a good caricature, so for the fact that this is offered on the spot, a good caricaturist, makes sure the artwork has resemblance with the subject and also will be able to get laughter out of any viewers of the artwork whether there, live at the event or post event.

When you have a good spot on caricature artist at an event, what is guaranteed is entertainment and an everlasting memory for your guests and prospects.

What kind of events are caricaturists good for?
The answer is all, all kinds of events, in as much you want entertainment and good memory of the guests or prospects.

At I do art studios we have taken the service further, with offering a live digital caricatures at events, digital caricatures have more advantages over a traditional live Caricatures (Pen&sketch pad) bescause it has means of getting more people to view.

Spot-on or live digital caricature are more offered at high-end events, like corporate events, for gains of the opportunities around it.

With pandemic and post pandemic there had been new ways of hosting events, which are virtual and hybrid events, even with these, a live digital caricaturist still help entertains, makes the event a memorable one and help give an awesome souvenir virtually.

Should incase you have an upcoming event and you seek a unique way to entertain, give an awesome experience and souvenir, spot-on caricature is the right deal for you, with their caricature on their Wall, office desk or used as their social media display picture (avatar),
this will have your event talked about forever.

You can book us on time for your future event so as to have your special date in our itinerary.

We’ve got you covered with Owolabi, a celebrity spot on caricature artist, with lot of experience, speed, and quality.

What are you waiting for?

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Nigerian Doctors On Strike Again

Nigerian Doctors on strike again.

This our illustration showcase a lackadasical attitude of a doctor, that’s suppose to attend to it’s patient but instead listening to music, dancing the tending dance style called Focus.

The cartoon chart conversations explains it all.

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You’ve Had Your Live Digital Caricatures At A Corporate Event, What’s Next?

You’ve sat for 5 minutes, your friends and crowd kept laughing while watch to see your caricature unfold, you eventually have your printed and digital caricature copy, so what’s next?

In this article, we will share ways in which you can make use of your live digital caricatures.

Am happy to let you know you have an endless way to make use of your live digitally drawn caricatures; first, let’s talk about the printed copy.

Now the Caricaturist have drawn you, and now you have your 4×6 inches printed caricatures given to you, what can you make of it? Well, perhaps if your office space before have always been boring with just pictures of yours, and you’re looking for ways to ignite or spark talks up each time people come into your space, then this is for you, because with caricatures in your space; old, new client and friends won’t stop talking, laughing, being happy each time they come around.

You can decide to place your printed copy of caricature on your office desk or frame it up, place on your wall with a special note by it, explaining why you were drawn that way. Sounds like fun, right?.

Now let’s look at the digital copy, let’s assume you asked Owolabi our celebrity spot-on caricaturist to help you express a personalized character of yours, and now you have the digital copy, if I were you, first thing I will do is rush to social media to flaunt it, by posting, so my followers, family and friends can experience, the satire personality which could help my social media account go viral in a jiffy.

Did you know if you have the digital copy, this enables you to print on anything, anywhere, anytime? As a digital copy, it never expires or get spoilt, you can print and make use of it on: business card, t-shirt, wall paper, mug, plate, car dashboard, toys, , greetings cards, the list is endless. We have had cases where we were contacted after many years to help update the caricatures we created at a live event “that’s how much it was loved”

Henceforth, anytime you see a caricaturist at an event, quickly get closer on time, to get your live caricature artwork done, so you can have an awesome experience, go home with the awesome souvenir.

Always see live Caricaturist performing at an event you attend  as an opportunity for you to get another caricature of yours which could help express that another personality of yours in cartoon.

Reach out to us to book us for your live events here.


Live Digital Caricature have proven to be a super fire way of promotion for corporate events, for its characteristics of both digital and social marketing style.

Offering Live digital caricature

Digital Caricatures can be drawn in full color, or black and white, and will include your branding and logos.

Consider Digital Caricatures for:

Appreciation events
Board meetings
Shareholder meetings
Company milestone parties
Product launch events.



1, To Generate Leads : Get contact information of your desired leads by the way of a casual email, enhancing the brand awareness of your company.

An online strategy from the offline world to capture your customer’s contact in a friendly and non-intrusive way.

2. One To One Marketing: Corporate caricatures, a timeless souvenir
which are drawn live on tablet in digital format with your brand logo. In addition to the show entertainment, attendees take an advertising souvenir of the event.

3. Interaction & Virality :
Live digital caricature drawings can be sent by email on the spot. An e-marketing activity that will connect directly with your client. With one click, your entire network of business contacts and friends.

This could be their funniest WhatsApp, Twitter or Instagram profile picture, with your brand logo and message on each one.

4. Live Engagement: The service comes with a big screens where your visual marketing will ON.

Live digital caricature on screen

As the show begin, you will be able to communicate via the caricatures with the screen.

5. Live Excitement: Tablet screen projection, a great visual impact. The call effect of the performance is multiplied when projecting the drawing process on a large TV or screen, this Excite and captivate your audience with a unique experiential marketing campaign.

These are few of the opportunities around Live Digital Caricatures at Corporate events, contact us for more.

Assuming you need, we can plan a customized format for your occasion, with the brand logo or some topical thought that conceptualizes the principle capability of your item or administration. An unpredictable type of publicizing that epitomizes ideas


Did you know? Owolabi is the quickest, most clever advanced caricaturist on the planet with the normal speed drawing of 2-3 minutes of making a highly black and white live digital caricatures and  5-7 minutes of colored live digital caricatures in his exceptional extreme amusing style, per individual. .


Click here to book him for your next event.


Caricature we created on 15 of July 2021

We are sure by the time you compare our artwork, side by side with the original image, you were like Yassss!

One thing we try to do when we create caricatures is not to make it boring.

The elements we added in this artwork that is not originally in the image is the teeth and the hand posture.

One thing we want to be sure of when delivering our live or spot on caricature is happiness both from the viewers and from the subject, we like to keep the atmosphere happy.

Live digital caricature

We are certain you can feel the vibe, write us if you have an upcoming event, so we can come entertain and help you deliver awesome souvenir, a live digital caricatures for your guests and prospects.

Caricature we created today 14 of July

Yes! owolabi woke up today feeling energized although he took a break off yesterday without creating artwork, today he created an image of several beautiful ladies, but for now, we want to add this one here for you to view, also you can check out our process on our YouTube channel here.

When owolabi was asked about how he exxeggerated the subject, his response was that he created her how he was feeling, which means it has to do with the temperament he was feeling right then.


We hope you guys enjoys the feel of the exxerggeration, as owolabi just expressed himself.

Thanks for viewing, we will, these days, do day to day upload of our works, why they are drawn, and also add links for you to view our process, we hope you keep enjoying us as we express our moments with art.

Live Caricatures for your events

You will see caricatures attached to it’s reference live, a kind you will get when hire us for your event.

This week for us was hectic, at same time, was interesting .

We created these caricatures, as we attached the original reference image to it for you to see the likeness and quality in our style.

This is a sample of what you will get when we create a live digital caricatures for you, your guests or prospects, offering spot-on caricature service live at your event.

Yes, hire us, the best fastest digital caricaturist in the world Owolabi, to come entertain your guests, prospects at your next event either in person or virtually. 


Laffmattazz 2021

On the 4th of April, we were hired to come grace an event that took place in Ibadan, a show that is hosted by the CFR, GCON Gbenga Adeyinka.

It was the events 10 years anniversary, and we were called upon to entertain and help create a lasting souvenir at the event.

We offered our service putting forward our best foot,  star celebrity professional spot on caricaturist Owolabi.

The event took place at a popular event location in Ibadan, Oyo-State,  Jogor Centre, as the event was flooded with a lot of celebrities and attenders.

We won’t forget to let you know the event was a mix of everything entertainment.  from drama to music, dance, comedy art, and more.

We were on the ground, courtesy MALTINA brand, we creates spot on caricatures of attenders, as we made sure they were entertained and amuse with every of our piece.

Here are few pictures taken.

Digital spot on caricature at laffmattazz
Live digital spot on caricature at laffmattazz
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