Funny Celebrity Fight Page 1

Banky W showing off while going to the ring side

Crowd”s noise: woo oo!
Santos: crowds, let me go to my corner here in the stadium where I will be covering from and from there I will allow you guys to directly connect with the mics directly in the stadium.
I will leave you to the hands of the announcers mic, commentator A’s mic (CA),  commentator B’s (CB), he fans areas mic, the ring side mic, and other mics, I will only talk when it’s necessary, wao! This will be fun.
Announcer’s mic: don’t mind my thick voice ya’ll, I will still do my job perfectly, oh! I heard someone say something there, what did you say? Oh, you said I sounds like big brother… Hahaha! Anyways, welcome to Funny Celebrity Fight Naija tonight, is gon be the fight, with sweat and blood, the fight ya’ll been waiting for and I am your announcer tonight.
Right now, ama call on the first fighter tonight, the one that’s got it all to showcase, have it all to defend, the challenged, EVERY ONE welcome!……. Banky! BANK!! BANKY!!! DOUBLE YOUUUUUUUUUUH!!!!.
CA: oh wao, he’s got a big head!
CB: oh common, don’t mock, he’s just got a gt tank size of head, that not too big!
CA: this guy’s cute with his round shape mustache, and the belt tied on him make him looks good or what do you think CB?
CB: am just afraid, he looks too cool to be a fighter, afraid he could loose his mustache to fight tonight.. Hahahaha!
CA: like he’s got a lot of fans, they’re just shouting, Hailing!, what’s he doing?
CB: I think he just slowed down to hail his fans, can we on the mic around the fans area please?
CA: okay CB, I’d just done that.
Fans: ebute meta! Very good bad guy!!! Lover man!!!
CA: are those his alias?
CB: they’re such crazy fans. CA, expect everything and anything
CA: tonight’s gon be on fire, I like the way he walks, walking majestically to the ring, I think he’s tryna intimidate his opponents fans, cos his opponents is not here or what do you think CB?
CB: he’d better keep all that for his opponent.
CA: I like the song the dj’s, playing as he enters, I think it’s his song, one of his oldies, let me on the mic at the dj’s so we can hear clearly.
CB: I used to be one of his beginning fans, I like that song..
Dj’s Mic: from ebute meta! Eh, from ebute meta! meta!! meta!!! hey hey hey from ebute meta meta! meta!! meta!!!.
CA: I like the way the dj put that skit on repeat as Banky walks..
CB:am having a good time tonight.
To be continued……..

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