A golf event mixed with caricature

it was a beautiful moment when the golfer and the crew got drawn at the recent Lakowe Lakes Golf Classic Event here Lagos Nigeria.  We were able to make people laugh,  enjoy and surely take home their artworks as a souvenir. 

Meet these beautiful people:

Spot on caricature
Spot On Caricature
Spot On Caricature
Spot On Caricature
Spot On Caricature
Spot On Caricature
Spot On Caricature
Spot On Caricature
Spot On Caricature
Spot On Caricature

and more….

Trade show idea in Nigeria.

Trade Show Idea Lagos Nigeria

Yes, our team was at the food and beverages trade show to do the usual,the event that happened at Nigerian National Stadium, surulere Lagos. This of course was able to bring the crowds and promote brands. 
As you know what our service ( spot on caricature ) does,  it was amazing and yes, a priority for all the prospects for the trade show. Not because we forced,  it was because they want.
It was a happy moment for everyone, they just want to see themselves drawn in cartoons live. It was true souvenir to take home for all.
Below are few images of what we did. 
Spot on caricature at trade show LIFBEF Africa
Spot on caricature by Idoartstudios at LIFBEF Africa.

Funny Celebrity Fight Page 8

Remi! you dull me, jahbless talking with expression of disappiontment on his face, why you go allow am? sho ti gbagbe ni? One, two, block!, two upper cut! , block! That formular. You kon dull am like that..

Jahbless massaging Reminisce’s face

Yeeh! Remi screamed, when jahbless was trying to help Remi massage his face.
To ba se aya bi eyin, to ba se eyin bi aya, wa sare kaba! kaba!! kaba!!! kaba!!!! kaba!!!!! kaba!!!!!!
(This skit was on repeat) as the music plays loud from the stadium’s speakers,
DJ playing the way back song while the break is on, the song was created by one of the self sustaining artist in Nigerian music industry back in the days, konga by name, the skit lyrics in English means. � if youve got chest as big as your back, or your back as thick as your chest, you will still have to run�
To everyone’s surprise, Iron Mike Tyson who is seated at the V.I.P roll of the stadium , is dancing the Konga song, he has put off his shirt and has a bottle of drink with him as he cintinue dancing.
The crowd sings along as the skit sounds from the stadium speakers.
Lynxx rubbing balm on Banky W’s face 

Shey you know say your kele dey for here sha otonor…. Lynxx talking to Banky as he trys to rub some balm on his face, banky is surprised , raised his eye brow, huh! so she knows am doing this fight? (Confirming in a soft voice tone), Lynxx replied with thick rappers voice, more reason you have to win this fight, Guy no dull me o, we’re already winning this fight otonor .
Conversations going on in between the fighters and their coachs.
Crazy commentators making crazy comments

The commentators on the high seat making funny comments as they talks through the mic, what is that at Iron Mike Tyson’s hand? commentator B asked, huh you mean that green container? Let me see, commentator A zoomed his camera and shouted, ohh I think that’s dorobucci local drink, he zoomed out and added , huh! maybe he’s attracted to it, because of the container , B! Commentator A calling on B now and say, did you know that that container is crafted in a man that’s got muscle? I mean the plastic container has a mold of someone with packs and a wide chest. I see , the commentator A comprehended.
What do you think about this match? commentator A asking commentator B, Hmm, commentator B went silent for a while and said, you cant really say for now, you still have a lot of rounds to go, and i think Remi will come back, he’s got lot of supporters here which he won’t want to let down, regardless of that heavy he took. i hope so, commentator A responded.
People at the regular roll of the stadium whistled when they heard commentator B’s comment.
Suddenly the bell rang, gbagaun!

Time for Round 2

The fine lady who stepped in earlier with the round 1 board, came in with round 2 board, showed the crowd round the ring, as she steps out.
Abeg guy no forget the formular! Jahbless shouted to give his last words for the break.
Banky at the other corner, rinsed his mouth with some water as lynxx helped him put his tooth guard.
Remi stood up, shouted, Shit! Emi ti Mon wa excuse ti mo ma fi get it on! His eyes looks more swollen with the balm been rubed on it.
Remi raised his hands up, box the air in a double punch.
The match refree already in the middle of the ring waiting to receive these two fighters.
Refree waiting to receive the beasts 

Banky strolled closer to the referee , the referee who is standing in the middle of the ring stopped banky from coming too close with his left hand, Remi at the other corner strolled down to the refree too.
Immediately the Ref shoved his two hands in between these two, signals, fight should begin, the refree who is so concious of time did that within two seconds and the fight began.

Funny Celebrity Fight Page 7

Reminisce cannot not withstand the punch, he moved to the direction in which the punch forced, pushed him, staggered, he quickly steps closer to the ring side rope, had to now struggling to hold on it to support himself.

Banky W hailing ,chanting his fans at the V.I.P corner.

Banky who has climbed the ring side rope after the heavy puncthe crowd, Bank who had climbed the ring side rope diagonal to the one Remi’s learning on. Banky raised his hand up, and the crowd hails rhythmically as he raises his hand.
Ebute Meta!! Very Good Bad Guy!!!
Crowd hailing their champion, shouting on top of their voices.
Adesua who’s face is filled with joy prior to the previous action by Banky, her fiance in the ring, kept jumping waving to her husband to be, in the V.I.P crowd hoping he’ll get to see her, since he doesn’t know she’s around.
Banky waved the crowd, Adesua at the V. I. P corner raised a bottle of drink, put the bottle drink down and tried to wave again, hoping with these actions Banky will notice her she’s around.
Reminisce holding the ring side rope after receiving a heavy punch from Banky W.

Banky (very good bad guy) as his fans called him, knows he’s got few seconds to cheer his fans up, he quickly looked back into the ring, stepped down from the rope. he now looking at his opponent ( Remi), as he(Bank) still leaning on the rope as he’s just got down from the climb. expression on his (Bank’s) face shows his surprised to see Remi still standing, after the massive destruction shot from his(bank’s) left fist .
The Ref standing beside Remi, having conversation with him. Banky raised his eye brow, showed expression of hope, that Remi will tell the Ref he cannot continue.
mi o ni time lati gbo N’kan ti awan were yi fe offer!
Emi ti Mon wa excuse, Tim ma fi get it on.
Ma gba e loju gbogbo joint e ni moma disconnect .
Remi altered from his mouthwhen the ref asked about his health. he swiftly looked in Bankys direction.
Referee stood in front of Remi, Remi who just left the ring side rope he was holding nano seconds ago , stood firm , faced directly opposite to where Bank was waiting, but still learnt his back on the ring rope.
Remi’s look is affected, his eye glasses is broken, its spilled into half.
Ref talking to Reminisce after receiving the punch .
Ref talking to Remi � Are you okay? � In a sympathetic tone, will you like to continue? Give me your hands, Remi thrusted his two hand towards the Ref , Ref held the two hands pull and push them, Remi stood firm, looked directly into the ref’s eye and said.
lowo to wa yi, oma dobale fun ijoba!
(Its means : his opponent will prostrate for him the government)
The Ref waves the crowd, and signaled.
Meanwhile the attendees were making reactions to each of these words and actions on the ring , most of them whom already bet their money on who throw the first punch, who dodged first, who get the most point out of round one, these people are really enjoying themselves even though theyve got some money to loose and win, here.
Lynxx the Bank W coach, jumped off carelessly from the ring side down when he saw the action his fighter made over his opponent (Remi), the reaction from Remi got him happy and wanted to make gest of his oppoments coach,so he ran round the ring, eleyi ti fa ewe ganger! Jahbless said annoyingly.
After reacting to the run around lynxx made,
Jahbless looked straight back into the ring and shouted to Remi, Remi make I see your face ! Remi turned his face a bit to where Jahbless is , jahbless replied, nothing do you!
Ref clapped , meaning the fight should continue.
Suddenly, the bell rang, it was the end of round one.
Remi, strolled to the ring side, where jahbless is waiting to have him and Banky went to Lynxx on the other side of the ring.

Funny Celebrity Fight Page 6

As this was going on , the atmosphere is tensed, everyone focusing their sight on the ring, as the actions in the ring are loud in the stadium speakers for everyone to hear.
Adesua in a robe at the V.I.P roll of the stadium, already on her feet , she couldn’t take it anymore, the red plastic cup she’s holding which contains coke mixed with ciroc! already tilted , the drink pouring on her butter coloured robe, unconsciously. Her mouth widely opened, her eyes fixed at the ring as she see’s Reminisce punches fly towards Banky W.
Banky got all the punches dodged and sang immediately … He went
You dey make me dey go, gbim gbim!
You dey push me dey go, Tim Tim!
You dey do me strong thing .. Strong thing!
Shut up! am here to beat you and thief your kele! Reminisce replied .
Banky talking in gentle man’s voice …
Replied saying ‘why you wan thief my kele! You get your own, I get my own.. Why you wan thief my kele� ..
Immediately Reminisce guard up , two hands in the air blocking his face as he bounced off a bit backward, relieving Banky of his punches .
Reminisce singing, while bouncing backward. he sang…
Wo o, customer dada ni mi i
Ah, you want to see?
You know how e be?
Ibile, reminisce no ni mi
Customer dada l’Alaga
Alaga like to dey fire o
I carry come, mo ni, I carry
So, make you allow me gbadun my faaji
Ropopo , ropopo alaga like to dey fire o.
Now the V.I.P set of people in the stadium face expression for banky was awwwww! After seeing punches fly and also after hearing both fighters sing.
Adesua now conscious that the drink was pouring on her robe, dropped the cup on the table filled with different brands of drinks, folded her hands into one another, still standing and having all her attention focused on the ring…
The people at the regular roll of the stadium were dancing, some took off their cloths , twirling it in the air, while some were dancing ‘one corner’ dance when Reminisce was singing.. Some old men with a panama cap with pot in thier mouth, are very close to the V.I.P set of people, one of them shouted, thief hin kele jor! R.I.P this lover boy…Hahahahaa!
They all laughed it off, these old men have the big size of a green plastic bottle drink at their hands, most of them having their first to the fourth buttons of their shirt loosened, some have their whole shirt button loosened, they are making reactions to the actions happening in the ring , some of them are throwing their hands in the air with their sweating big belly.
Annie idibia talking to adesua now, calm down Ade! That’s a shortened call of adesua .. She continued, I believe in him, he’s not gonna get beaten . she joked a bit… Even if his face gets shattered with punches, am sure you love his heart not his face, she giggled ‘ hus hus hus’
Adesua not paying full attention to what Annie was saying. The announcer eating pop corn given away to officials of the stadium by (idoartstudios brand) while commenting on what’s going on in the ring, joked! Every one knows what will happen , when a street boy goes against a lover one, Just that….. he paused and laughed out loud hahahaha!!! then continued “fight is worth trying� .
Lynnx took off his glasses , holding it at his left hand while he leaned a bit on the ring rope frowning his face while Banky W bounced to the other side, adjacent to where lynxx is standing.
Banky stretching his neck, still has his glasses fixed to his face as reminisce bounced towards Banky again.
Jahbless having a smiling face as his attention was 150% on the ring, Reminisce match slowly towards Banky, Banky fixing his eyes on his opponent as he steps closer to him.
Banky whom already stretched his neck, now having his two hands ready! As Reminisce gets closer .
Reminisce threw the first punch from down to up, trying to offer Banky an “upper cut� , even after seeing that Banky guard up, Banky not letting it get to him, by closing the gap in between his hands. The upper cut would have caught Banky’s chin from the below, another left punch from Remi, immediately this was mixed with the right , which is travelling to the left side ,hoping on hitting Banky’s side face as it travels, Banky immediately weaved this punch, this punch is suppose to be as if an aeroplane hit a kele maruwa! If it’d caught Banky’s face.
Reminisce whole body weight was on this shot as Banky made sure it missed him.
Banky Replied like a rocket hit a one bedroom flat with is left punch ( gboaaaaaaa!) Sound of the hit on Reminisce face
Banky W massive attack on Reminisce face

This one came from Bankys left.

Banky W sings…a song.. Its was a verse which he featured on with the first set of E.M.E artist. Banky Singing now! ….
At all at all
Na we bad pass
Dem boys razz gan
Na we dey teach class
We no dey look face
We only see cars
Your girl spend the night
I might make a breakfast
They know who the best be
They take shots
But we are fully professing
Watch where you stepping to
You don’t wanna test me
One-man Record crew
Lionel Messi
You talk beef like you want some
But my team is just too strong
The race is over
And we already won
Cos all we do is win
And all you do is run
When it comes to talking shit, you make the loudest noise
When it comes to making hits, we’re the hottest squad
Chairman of E.M.E
I’m the baddest boss
To ba lelele am the baddest boss,
oo le bababa am the baddest boss,
No ti dedede am the baddest boss,
Mo ma le e lere, am the baddest boss.
Sho gbo ibile! Meaning ‘ you heard’
People so amazed now, surprised, never expected this happening.
To be continueed…
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Funny Celebrity Fight Page 5

Reminisce threw punch at Banky W

‘CA’ What’s she wearing? ‘Oh My G’ a robe?, ‘CB’ probably she’d rushed down here from the bathroom or something , last time I heard about her, she’s at a location for some rural movie ‘.’ CB’ But why a robe? ‘CA’ oh I think I Do Art Studios correspondent is with her already, let’s switch to his mic.
Hi, my name is Santos I am a correspondent of this event for I Do Art Studios Tv, please I know you’re very particular to today’s event. Ma, I will like you to introduce yourself for the viewers at home.
I will like not to introduce myself to viewers at home, lol. Anyways, my name is Adesua Etomi,
Santos: Why are you here tonight Ma?
Adesua Etomi: To witness my guy in the ring side.
Santos : what will you call your outfit tonight ma?
Adesua Etomi: oh, my Tommy Hilfiger Robe? actually, I rushed down here from my bedroom after receiving a call from a friend, letting me know, she see’s my guy (Banky W) getting ready to fight in the ring.
Actually I have been at a rural location for months shooting a movie without TV nor internet, I had just finished and was at home resting. Would you believe? I didn’t know, nor either did anyone tell me about this fight,until I got that call. Banky have lots to explain afterwards.
Am sure it’s no news anymore, have just been proposed to, by Mr capable. So ya’ll know why I had to rushed down here, its my responsibility to know my bor bor is fine.
Santos: so he didn’t tell you about this fight?
Adesua Etomi: yup! like I said, he’s got lot of explanations after his victory tonight.
Santos: Talking about victory, do you think he’s really capable of this.
Adesua: Olohun! My very good bad guy is already a winner.
Santos: Probably he didn’t tell you, so you might not panic
Adesua: : ‘giggles ‘ Lot of explanations to be made after his victory.
‘CB’ Why is Banky bouncing backward, moving away from the centre of the ring? oh he’s moving closer to the ring side where lynxx is located. ‘CA’ probably he’s wanna get advice from Lynxx the coach.
‘CB’ Oh hes saying something already, what’s lynxx saying? I just heard him whispered arrogantly! Whats that? what’s he saying? ‘CA’ he’s just said give him eh, give him Otonor! in igbo accent.
‘CA’ What’s wrong with these people at the regular roll of the stadium? ‘CB’ I think they are the loudest of the crowd, here tonight, it’s been a lot of shouts here, we’ve been hearing most of them shouting IBile ! They must be drunk too. ‘CA’ I like their vibe and their energy, that part of the crowd is what we should watch out for, when it comes to reactions.
‘CB’ oh! the time is now, Banky bouncing towards Reminisce. ‘CA’ is what we all have been waiting for.
‘CA’ oh! Reminisce going closer to Banky too, now that we have both of them so close together we should expect some firing, ‘CA’ that was quite swift from Reminisce, I think that was about 4 jab punches towards Banky, oh! still going he’d just added another 2, oh! and another 2 ‘CA’ that was intelligently punched towards Bank, ‘CA’ Targeting side head was sharprapra! For that try, ‘CA’ trying to do that means he’s going for the knock out sharp! sharp!! , ‘CB’ he’s been using just his right hand in this process, why wouldn’t he combine with his left? ‘CA’ probably he’s reserving, he’s left could be where he has the most shot’s power, if I were him i’ll reserve my left too at this early stage of the match.
‘CA’ Wao! That was an upper cut, its been great actions from Remi this night. ‘CB’ That was another jab again? Wao! This time he went double jab again, ‘CB: but was that body shot necessary? I think he’s just tryna weak Bank throwing those 2 jabs to Banks belly. ‘ CA’ this is all we expect this night, we don’t expect a boring fight, ‘CB’ oh common!, these are big two celebrities that are fighting, they’ve got a lot of credibility to fight for here ‘CA’ oh my Jeez! that was hot firing! Chai! This babe for no come witness this thing oo this night, I mean that was straight punch to Bank
‘CA’ Why is he stopping, I mean why did he stop, he’s intimidating him already, huh! This is what I don’t like about fighters, you should continue until you make a good impact, ‘CB’ look! ‘CA’ reminisce is looking straight to the spot light above him, facing up I think he wanna say something. WA fe ku LA leyi, Ma te so ju e LA Leyi, Shit!
‘CA’ Can you say the meaning of what he just said in English? ‘CB’ he mean say Banky don enter am this night, say he go let hin know say khaki no be leather.
‘CA’ but did you know Banky has been smart here, I mean the guy has not let any of those punches really turn to point for Remi, the guy has guard not letting of the punches get him at his face and you know the point is only at the face not the body or the side head.. ‘CB’ yeah have thought about that too but,……..

To be continued……..

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Funny Celebrity Fight Page 4

Bankyw vs Reminisce
Previously, the announcer announced who’s on what short and the bell rang for fight to begin.
>> Fast forward !
The bell rang and people at the stadium started chanting , shouting , calling on their favourite’s alias!
A lot of celebrity are here in the building including the boxing legend Iron Mike Tyson, he flew in all the way from America.
Activities kept going on in the ring as the fighters are trying not to get the first punch,the fighters are being careful of not being over ambitious, which could back fire to making them loose guard and get hit, they are both trying to poses themselves as they both guard up ,jugging , bouncing from one side of the ring to the other , meanwhile their coaches were at the corner of the ring side, shouting trying to motivate and keep their fighters on their toes.
Ibile shekini yen fun! That is, (do that thing for him) jahbless shouted! , he his Remunisce coach for the fight, he hung a butter colours towel on his neck…
All of a sudden Banky W stopped bouncing and waved his hand towards Reminisce who is about 7ft away to him in the ring, he waved at him, ‘it was a come over here direction that he waved … He’s trying to tell reminisce to come closer meanwhile , Reminisce staying 7ft away nodded in response , meaning he should come over to hit him.
As this was going on, the announcer talking in his thick voice, making the whole stadium notice the presence of the celebrities we have present at the stadium to witness the fight, he started talking in his thick voice, he’s now sounding like he has a substance in his mouth which is not making him pronounce well… In his thick stuffened voice, he announced !
We have Adesua present in the building! She sitting at the V.I.P roll, closer to the ring, he joked and said.. “Its gon be a 7D for her to witness�
The Nigerian silk rapper lynxx was the one at the ring corner for Banks as he motivates his fighter too he shouted � hit oto nor , make he fall oto nor� he’s has a dark shade , his regular muscular body , he has on a white singlet, black leather trouser and a white sneakers , as he was shouting hit oto nor, there was noise coming from the far end of the stadium where you have the regular viewers , a lot of them there were shouting ‘ GBA oju e � “N’na hit him� “punch him� , most of them have a green bottled bitters with them.
At the digital bill board around the stadium is where you have, so many adverts being displayed , energy drinks , extreme computers idoartstudios , super sport , naija tatafo blog and many more…
As the fight is on, there is a music instrument being played, which makes us feel like war is on, the instrumental sounds � tit ti ka ti , ti ka, tit ka ti ka ka ti ka � this was playing at the background on a repeat.
These fighters were bouncing and trying to launch their fist on each other when suddenly he heard something sounded from the ring side, it was a talk, the talk continues , it was one of the fighters talking , using a R&B voice, the voice was faint and audible the fighter continued singing he said
Remi Jasi,
Mi o in maserrati
Kilo kan mi kan buggati
Mo ni ko jasi
Ma ka pa e
Tim ba ka e
Ma ka pa e
Ki lon she e na jen fun e gan!
(Meaning : he’s gon beat Remi’s ass up if caught up at any corner here in the ring)
As he stops , the sounded another voice , it was from the ring too, this time the voice is thick, like a spoilt generator , the voice sounds thuggish and sounding like a response to the first voice we heard … He sang:-
Reminisce mo ni division, battalion, platoon,
Mi o ba anybody sere omode mi o wo cartoon,
Alpha male ni mi men, got a lot of baboons,
Ni ile ati l’oke oya, kaduna de khartoum
Lyrics mi ni arrow mi, enu mi ni wofa
Mi o ni time lati gbon nko t’awon were yi fe offer
(Meaning : he’s not here in the ring to play)
To be continued……..

Funny Celebrity Fight Page 3

Ready to fight (Round One)


The announcer called on 2 Nigerian finest celebrity which they asked to fight and see who’s got the gloves and punches apart from dropping hit songs…

The announcer called on the first fighter which was Banky W and the second was Reminisce Ibile…
Fast forward >>

Just in case you don’t know, coincidentally there are so many ties in between these two Nigerian finest entertainers from doing same kind of genre of music I.e (Rap) they both bag home money from #Samsung every month cos they’re both Samsung’s ambassador here in Nigeria.

Yes, they both have drink in which they represent, precisely hot drink, but different brands, one represent #ciroc and the other represents #origin bitters particularly made for the street.

They have the credibility to fight for, here.
This fight is happening live at #Onikan #stadium 8:30 pm, a lot of people have rushed down here, many from work, street and homes, they are really ready to witness what their favourite celebrity have to offer by their fists.

The stadium has about 1 million capacity, the ring has about 10,500 sensitive microphones made by #sony and they are all connected to the stadium speakers, we have about 10,000 speakers in and out of the stadium, this means that every sound on the ring is audible enough for every one in and outside the stadium to hear.

We will be able to hear the sound of every punch’s sound or any sound at all happening on or around the ring side.

The fighters caricature created by idoartstudios is being displayed large on a screen at the stadium for everyone to see.

Now these 2 fighters have arrived to the ringside, the announcer talking again in his thick voice introducing the fighter

( hello! Everyone! right now we have our two fighters in the ring side. Now, I will like to let you know the man on pink short and the pink glove is ……..*he went mute for a second * Remmmmmmiiiiiiinnnnnniiiisssssccceeeeeee …. Immediately he finished , we heard a voice apart from the announcer’s, it was reminisce singing a line in one of his hit track, where he features #wizkid .

I this this was to introduce himself! He went>

Ok reminsce mo ti wole
Mo ma mu omi sun
Omo mo ki nse atole
Fe itan ye le, gberegede mo fe wole
Mo nwa bi mo tun sekun bi cement to fi n kole
Sarz lo se beat
I don’t need a rap
Ti n ba lano gan
Wizzy ma follow tune back!


Ok Reminisce have entered ,

I drink water before bed, i dont bed wet,

Leave your thighs opened i want to enter,

Am here and still remain like cement used in building,

Sarz does the beat, i dont need to rap,

If i erorr wizzy will follow tune back!

As he stops fans started shouting Ibile! Babaafusa! Alaga! And all sort of what they know ‘alias’, as that was going on, the announcer was trying to introduced the other fighter too as usual in his thick voice, he said < and the fighter you have on the red glove and red short is Baaaaaaaannnnnnnnkkkkkkkyyyyy dddooouuubbblllyyyuuuuuuuuu!as he stopped pronouncing that, so came a sound too, it was banky W in his musical bad boy voice singss…
I think is a song his boys sang under his label .. He went!

Won le le le le, I am the baddest boss
Won le ba ba ba, I am the baddest boss
A ti de de de de, I am the baddest boss
A ma le won lere


If they chase, am the baddest boss,

They can meet me, am the baddest boss,

We came to make them run!

As he stops too fans started shouting … Mr capable! Banky! Heady! ! Lover man ! V.G.B.G (very good bad guy) ! And all sort .. This was going on While the arrangement in the ring was on, the referee, already in the ring.

Now the two fighters standing across each other while the referee was in between them , he checked the fist and spoke to these fighters in his gentle man’s voice , he said ” no hitting below belly button, no biting , no stepping on each other , just fight and let your fans be happy! * .

Immediately he finished warning them , their came a sexy , beauty holding a board which written on it( Round 1) , she walks to the north , south, east , west of the ring , as she continues by stepping out of the ring.

As she steps out the almighty fight starter “bell” sounded… ( gbagaun!)

Meaning fight should begin so….
To be continued……..
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Funny Celebrity Fight page 2

Reminisce showing off while walking towards the ring side.

Previously on Funny Celebrity Fight Naija, the announcer called on the first fighter.
…… Continuation
CB : after all Banks sirenren I hope he will come out winning this fight. I hope you saw him, as he try’s to show off all round the crowd?
CA: exactly my thought, finally Sha, I want the best fighter to win. Oh its like the announcer’s about to call on the next fighter.
Announcers Mic: like I said don’t mind my thick voice, ain’t gon stop me from my work tonight. Right now I am about to give you the next celebrity, he his the challenger, he’s a rapper, someone ya’ll know his music, he has a lot of hit songs, my naija PEOPLE tonight on Funny Celebrity Fight Naija I give you, Rrrreeeeeeeemmmmiiinnniisssccce Ibile!
DJ’S speakers: Eruku wole! Oh oh Eruku wole (music)
CB: I like that song, it’s a hot song then too, I think this DJ’S really putting me in the mood this night.
CA: CB, can you tell the meaning of that song in English?
CB: it means a bad boy has come in….
CA: the DJ’S fantastic.

To be continued …

Funny Celebrity Fight Page 1

Banky W showing off while going to the ring side

Crowd”s noise: woo oo!
Santos: crowds, let me go to my corner here in the stadium where I will be covering from and from there I will allow you guys to directly connect with the mics directly in the stadium.
I will leave you to the hands of the announcers mic, commentator A’s mic (CA),  commentator B’s (CB), he fans areas mic, the ring side mic, and other mics, I will only talk when it’s necessary, wao! This will be fun.
Announcer’s mic: don’t mind my thick voice ya’ll, I will still do my job perfectly, oh! I heard someone say something there, what did you say? Oh, you said I sounds like big brother… Hahaha! Anyways, welcome to Funny Celebrity Fight Naija tonight, is gon be the fight, with sweat and blood, the fight ya’ll been waiting for and I am your announcer tonight.
Right now, ama call on the first fighter tonight, the one that’s got it all to showcase, have it all to defend, the challenged, EVERY ONE welcome!……. Banky! BANK!! BANKY!!! DOUBLE YOUUUUUUUUUUH!!!!.
CA: oh wao, he’s got a big head!
CB: oh common, don’t mock, he’s just got a gt tank size of head, that not too big!
CA: this guy’s cute with his round shape mustache, and the belt tied on him make him looks good or what do you think CB?
CB: am just afraid, he looks too cool to be a fighter, afraid he could loose his mustache to fight tonight.. Hahahaha!
CA: like he’s got a lot of fans, they’re just shouting, Hailing!, what’s he doing?
CB: I think he just slowed down to hail his fans, can we on the mic around the fans area please?
CA: okay CB, I’d just done that.
Fans: ebute meta! Very good bad guy!!! Lover man!!!
CA: are those his alias?
CB: they’re such crazy fans. CA, expect everything and anything
CA: tonight’s gon be on fire, I like the way he walks, walking majestically to the ring, I think he’s tryna intimidate his opponents fans, cos his opponents is not here or what do you think CB?
CB: he’d better keep all that for his opponent.
CA: I like the song the dj’s, playing as he enters, I think it’s his song, one of his oldies, let me on the mic at the dj’s so we can hear clearly.
CB: I used to be one of his beginning fans, I like that song..
Dj’s Mic: from ebute meta! Eh, from ebute meta! meta!! meta!!! hey hey hey from ebute meta meta! meta!! meta!!!.
CA: I like the way the dj put that skit on repeat as Banky walks..
CB:am having a good time tonight.
To be continued……..

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