Talent of Nigerian Spoton Caricaturist Owolabi at RebirthNWC Event”

“Owolabi’s caricatures capture the essence of a person”

At the recent RebirthRWC event, attendees were thrilled to queue up and wait in line to have themselves drawn in caricature by the talented Nigerian spoton caricaturist Owolabi.

Live digital caricature at RebirthRWC event

Owolabi’s skills as a caricaturist are undeniable, and it was clear that those who waited in line were eager to have him capture their unique features and personalities in his signature style. His talent for capturing the essence of a person in a single illustration is truly remarkable, and it was a pleasure to watch him work.

The event was a huge success, with many people praising Owolabi’s talent and expressing their happiness at being able to experience it firsthand. It was clear that Owolabi’s work was greatly appreciated, and that he left a lasting impression on all who saw it.

Printed copy of Live digital caricature drawn by talented Owolabi the caricaturist

Overall, the RebirthRWC event was a great success, and Owolabi’s caricatures were a highlight for many attendees. If you have the opportunity to see him in action, don’t miss out!


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