How To Draw A Broom

We will like to teach the world some traditional things as African and as a Nigerian, also we will like to teach how to draw them which is why we chose this subject.

We chose to show you how to draw a broom in the video below.

Yes we are sure you are familiar with the worD broom, We are sure in your mind, you might been thinking is it the same broom that you know, yes, it’s that same broom that you know but this time,its African’s, Nigerians this time.

In this video, Owolabi, spoke about what the African broom is made from and how it is used.

What a broom is used for? for those that don’t know, it is used for sweeping, cleaning our environment.

You can ask your children to follow and keep notification on for more videos about African culture, African made things and it’s environment,we will be sharing simple form on how to draw them.

You might be wondering, why did we decide to share this, we believe there should be a lot you gain following us, apart from being informed about our products and services, we will like to to awake some part of drawing side in your brain too which we believe will allow you to do the draw while you do the talk.

We uploaded this video on our YouTube channel to educate the world about how to draw broom, where broom is made from and where this particular broom is being used.

See the video here

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