Now that today is May 4

Our dear country people, we are concerned the numbers of covid -19 patient might increase prior easiness of lock -down in the most populous state in West Africa (Lagos).

We have put together these images, to remind you on what should be done while you are out there trying to earn a living..

  • If you must go out, make sure you usually have space within you and the next person either standing or walking before and after in public.
Social distancing

  • If you must go out, another thing to look out for is face mask, the government of the day has made it compulsory for everyone in Lagos to make sure they have their face mask on when outside, this for sure the government is confident will reduce the risk of spreading the virus. So we will suggest you should not talk to anyone or else they have their nose mask on.
Use your face mask before you talk to me

The image above illustrates the figure A quickly using his extra face mask to cover figure B’s mouth and nose when he noticed figure B was about to say something to him and he didn’t have his mask on (Lol).

We will advice you not to even stand with anyone that does not have their nose mask on.

  • Finally, your holy water! “as we call it” Your sanitizer. This should be carried along with you everywhere you go. Most business places should have this at their entrance to keep your hands sanitized but you should be prepared just in case they don’t have at their entrance.
This figure carries his sanitizer everywhere he goes

The image above iillustrates the figure carrying a sanitizer in a wheel barrow to everywhere he goes, he’s not giving any chance to be infected.

Although we try to exaggerate the images to make it funny, but please we will want you to take note of the key factors of these images that is: 1) social distance, 2) Nose mask wearing, 3) hand sanitizer.

The director general of NCDC  Dr. Chikwe Ihekweazu has advised we should learn how to live with the virus, make sure you conscious of these three before leaving your home, it  will be great if we all can maintain to be safe during this pandemic era,

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