War crafts are really useless.

Who would have thought there will be a point in 21st century that all the war amunitions won’t be able to stop the killings and dieing of people, that even the high or first class of citizens of the would can’t be protected.

This is a wake up call for countries of the world to change its priority from building war crafts to building health crafts, this pandemic time has taught there should be more love than war in the world.

In this 21st century, the world has never faced a common enemy and therefore has never been united.

Imagine our super heroes are doctors not generals while our Angels are the scientists not presidents, they are the only one we look forward to create solution to the on going siege that has not only take the countries down by lifes but also by its economy.

Love solve it all, so we should invest in what should survive humanity more, maybe this way, the pandemic won’t have caught us unprepared,. Share love!

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