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As a fan of football, footballers attracts Owolabi naturally to get drawn.

When Owolabi went to London, he was opportuned to meet some quite a high profile of them, someone that had opportunity of becoming a World Cup winner at 19, till date, he’s the youngest Spanish player that ever won the FIFA World Cup! Yes he’s profile is enough to want to get the ink in paper but it’s more than that.. Owolabi got to meet this celebrity, shook hand with him, carried him up.. Like he’s the World Cup himself, maybe that’s why he chose to ink him.

Whom have we been writing about it’s Csec Fabregas, want to see the video of how he threw him up? Check it out here, the video has been edited to some other videos in our address but, yes! You will see how he carried him in there.

So when asked owolabi what is the concept around the artwork, he said, Fabregas is known for one thing and that one the he only wanted to ephasize in the artwork, he said Fabrgas is known for kicking delicate passes against his opponent, owolabi said

You never know when he will hit you with one, better be careful when he plays against you.

Csec Fabrgas Caricature

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