So we eventually joined ISCA

Finally we joined international society of caricature artist (ISCA) caricature resolution 2020.

Usually ISCA posts list of celebrities Caricaturist around the world should caricature and post to be part of the culture every year.

This year has not been different as ISCA has listed the names of celebrities caricature artist around the world should work with. This year’s tiltle is caricature resolution 2020.

Below is the list we screenshot from instagram.

Caricature resolution list by ISCA

Don’t worry, if you want to see what Caricaturist around the world has been working on, all you need to do is to use the hashfag caricatureresilution2020 on instagram search and you will be amazed

We have been active also in the caricature resolution as you will see a lot if you check our instagram post, not to do too much of words, we worked on AnJelica Huston, which is part of the lst, we hope you enjoy, help us compare the likeness and drop your comment on what you think.

Anjelica Huston Caricature

You can google her and see how great she is at what she does.

Help check the likeness and comment, thanks for reading.

usually do like a competition, or rather posts of people to be caricatured by caricaturist around the world each year, we were so busy in the beginning of last year and we couldn’t start with the first day last year, this year we started with Angelica Huston,

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