Mad Melon

As a music lover in Nigeria, there was a time this artiste song was in the reign that everyone corner you go someone will sing a line from any of their songs, they were called the Danfo Drivers . They made an album that all the songs on the album were hit tracks.

One of the group artiste is called Mad Melon, while the other is called Mountain Black and together they were Danfo Drivers as their together stage name.

Why them today? Recently one of them passed away.

In their days they were raw, it was during the time of no too much publicity all you have to do was to make a good song and gboom! You will blow.

We made an artwork for the deceased Mad Melon to pay tribute to him, he sang to gave the ghetto hope.

Mad Melon Caricature

Every little contribution you can do, while air still goes through your nostrils, do it, you never can tell when it will stop, little he did today we were able to write and create caricature about it.

Rest in peace Mad Melon, as your legecay lives on.

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