What happened on Big Brother Nigeria Last Night

So, biggie asked the housemates to create a graffiti at the big brother Nigeria living room.

Why we had to write about this is cos it concerns us.

Yes for real it does, now all other house mates were creating a ton of things on the wall and gbam! Omashola the one with the warri slang was the artistic one trying to mimic the artwork we created for each housemates.

Omashola Big brother house

Yes, hype and steam company had us create these artworks for the house mates, which were used as gift for the house mates, although the instruction was not to really exaggerate too much about them so it was more a normal look and a tiny body sort of caricatures.

Omashola doing his graffiti in big brother’s house

Omashola Collected all housemates caricatures created by house for the And started copying, well you’ll be the judge, let us know if he did a great job by commenting below.

Big brother Naija’s housemates caricatures


Omashola painting Mike

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