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A caricature T-shirt

Let’s gist you what’s happening around, if you know @50cent , or probably follow him on social media then you know he makes T-shirt of any controversy going on around him, which is him adding text or words to T-shirt for sale.

Now it’s different, how about if you have an illustrated image of what you want to say with the text on a T-shirt for you.

The recent, these new couple came and said they needed to do something different to their pre-wedding photo shoot. They have thought it through and they belief caricature will be their answer.

We asked they about their brief and gbam! We created and help print on T-shirt and deliver.

Now the reactions, because we like to get feed back from our clients, they have been given us plus comments and kept saying yes! They were able to achieve their aim, being unique and different with lot of humour.

In the artwork, we created the groom and bride wearing their tradition attires while we made the woman carry the man off ground to show the world, are you surprised the woman carried the man off ground?

Caricature on T-shirt

Well, do not be surprised because it’s what caricature can do. It can make anything happen in an image.

Our caricatures are fully hand drawn which means you will be keeping a real artwork if order for your commission from us..

Mind you, as this is possible on T-shirt so it is possible to be printed in other things, like souvenirs, cars, and many more. Technology has made it very easy to print on almost any surface.


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