“when others were chasing keys to Lamborghini, Ferrari, the smart lady went for the master key”.

Recent World Celebrity Wedding

We are sure you didn’t miss the stunning wedding that all went down at Uganda last week.  The wedding got a lot of attention from all of our local press here, although Idris  Elba the American star actor who has stared in a lot of hit movies including the one that has story of us here in West African Beast Of No Nation , which makes him popular,  we think lit of our press still wanted to have so much of him think  which helped get more attention. The press, blogs,  twitter trend were  all  like, Idris the star actor that got married  in Africa with a younger lady .

This of course as a popular story,  we wouldn’t want to be left out which is why we chose to create a caricature of himand the beautiful bride. As our the original thought, we really think the lady’s got some master key 😂.  We created his caricature and his bride to showcase as sample of our 3d studios caricature work, also this artwork expresses a bit how deep we could. If you zoom the image you will understand.  

It’s a great way of passing the message of relationship through image in fun way.

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May 6, 2019

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