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Today , our artist Owolabi was able to paint this beautiful picture as he said of a random birthday celebrant on twitter, here it is :



We the press department interviewed him, want to know why he choose this picture as today’s online update .

The Interview Went Like This.

Press: Mr Owolabi why did you choose to use this pic as our today’s online update ?
Owolabi: Well, as you all know as an artist we always look for that image, that idea that will inspire us, I was scrolling down, I Do Art Studios twitter page yesterday when i saw this pic.
Press: So you got this image from twitter right, so what really inspired you from the pic?
Mr Owolabi laughed,
Owolabi: well, on twitter yesterday was her birthday and this is a pic that already had about 500 likes by the time i chose it , also her skin colour and pose struck me.
Press: so explain what you created 
Owolabi: Immediately i got the pic, i wanted to draw and paint it with having a bit of sea scape with it, so as i continued, other ideas flip through my head and i decided to paint her holding a red cup, with a skimpy dress, on a speed boat with 2golden fish flipping off the ocean. 
Press; this is awesome, what will you be painting next?
Owolabi: as the spirit  leads.
We hope you enjoy seeing  the artwork and our interview,. Our advise will be you posting cute pictures, who know you might be next to get painted by our celebrity artist Owolabi , do not forget to subscribe and follow this blog, also follow us on all social media platform, you might be the next.

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