Funny Celebrity Fight Page 8

Remi! you dull me, jahbless talking with expression of disappiontment on his face, why you go allow am? sho ti gbagbe ni? One, two, block!, two upper cut! , block! That formular. You kon dull am like that..

Jahbless massaging Reminisce’s face

Yeeh! Remi screamed, when jahbless was trying to help Remi massage his face.
To ba se aya bi eyin, to ba se eyin bi aya, wa sare kaba! kaba!! kaba!!! kaba!!!! kaba!!!!! kaba!!!!!!
(This skit was on repeat) as the music plays loud from the stadium’s speakers,
DJ playing the way back song while the break is on, the song was created by one of the self sustaining artist in Nigerian music industry back in the days, konga by name, the skit lyrics in English means. � if youve got chest as big as your back, or your back as thick as your chest, you will still have to run�
To everyone’s surprise, Iron Mike Tyson who is seated at the V.I.P roll of the stadium , is dancing the Konga song, he has put off his shirt and has a bottle of drink with him as he cintinue dancing.
The crowd sings along as the skit sounds from the stadium speakers.
Lynxx rubbing balm on Banky W’s face 

Shey you know say your kele dey for here sha otonor…. Lynxx talking to Banky as he trys to rub some balm on his face, banky is surprised , raised his eye brow, huh! so she knows am doing this fight? (Confirming in a soft voice tone), Lynxx replied with thick rappers voice, more reason you have to win this fight, Guy no dull me o, we’re already winning this fight otonor .
Conversations going on in between the fighters and their coachs.
Crazy commentators making crazy comments

The commentators on the high seat making funny comments as they talks through the mic, what is that at Iron Mike Tyson’s hand? commentator B asked, huh you mean that green container? Let me see, commentator A zoomed his camera and shouted, ohh I think that’s dorobucci local drink, he zoomed out and added , huh! maybe he’s attracted to it, because of the container , B! Commentator A calling on B now and say, did you know that that container is crafted in a man that’s got muscle? I mean the plastic container has a mold of someone with packs and a wide chest. I see , the commentator A comprehended.
What do you think about this match? commentator A asking commentator B, Hmm, commentator B went silent for a while and said, you cant really say for now, you still have a lot of rounds to go, and i think Remi will come back, he’s got lot of supporters here which he won’t want to let down, regardless of that heavy he took. i hope so, commentator A responded.
People at the regular roll of the stadium whistled when they heard commentator B’s comment.
Suddenly the bell rang, gbagaun!

Time for Round 2

The fine lady who stepped in earlier with the round 1 board, came in with round 2 board, showed the crowd round the ring, as she steps out.
Abeg guy no forget the formular! Jahbless shouted to give his last words for the break.
Banky at the other corner, rinsed his mouth with some water as lynxx helped him put his tooth guard.
Remi stood up, shouted, Shit! Emi ti Mon wa excuse ti mo ma fi get it on! His eyes looks more swollen with the balm been rubed on it.
Remi raised his hands up, box the air in a double punch.
The match refree already in the middle of the ring waiting to receive these two fighters.
Refree waiting to receive the beasts 

Banky strolled closer to the referee , the referee who is standing in the middle of the ring stopped banky from coming too close with his left hand, Remi at the other corner strolled down to the refree too.
Immediately the Ref shoved his two hands in between these two, signals, fight should begin, the refree who is so concious of time did that within two seconds and the fight began.

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